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These are sites of periodical and book publishers with either a large amount of textual material online, or who publish in electronic formats (usually meaning material directly accessible online). Publishers with no or minimal textual material online, are listed separately under largely print publishers and magazines. Simple! I would welcome more information on Irish websites that contain Innovative Poetry — the two traditions have at times close, at other times weaker links. And you'll also find, inevitably some American sites with strong connections to BIP. Any more sites beyond the Atlantic focus that include British Innovative Poetry?

As with all the material on this site, please contact me at for any suggestions for additions, or to correct any errors. And please note that as on all these lists, a date in italics indicates the last date of fresh material being uploaded to any site; but nonetheless even if it's not live any more, there's interest there. is used to indicate an addition (or major alteration) to the listing. Page last corrected October 13, 2020.

British & Irish online magazines, e-publishers and other assemblages of writing

3:AM Magazine: Whatever It Is, We're Against It

very large, successful and high status online cultural magazine, looking to contemporary Europe, to a grungy beat USA, and to British Bohemia, in a likeable and quirky late modernist (and post-) literary mix, with a good poetry section edited by SJ Fowler

The Abandoned Playgound

is a nice little poem blog with varied writers set up by Daniele Pantano.

adjacent pineapple

"online spaces for writing, discussion and performance. based in glasgow, scotland and spaces of dissension where contradiction doesn't melt. 1 edited by colin herd and guest editors"


"publishes autonomous narrative units which are updated with new content on a regular basis. We're looking for idiosyncratic, innovative works; prose, poetry, visual and sound Narratives, or hybrid Narratives that include sound, image, text." Athens-based, edited by Dimitra Ioannou

Ahadada Books

"Fine books in limited editions" from Jesse Glass is at present without its own site, but the Archive-It site will in the interim present you with its downloaded material, including the the ezine Ekleksographia, and Ahadada's Small Press Distribution pages will sell you its many print texts. An excellent publisher of varied and interesting material, USA-based, but with a lively and intelligent interest in British poets.

Alice Notley's Magazines

A Digital Publishing Project, which seeks to make available fully searchable facsimile PDF editions of the magazines edited by poet Alice Notley. The project currently includes the complete runs of Scarlet (1990–1991) and Gare du Nord (1997–1999), both co-edited with Douglas Oliver. Notley's Chicago, a legal-size mimeograph magazine published from 1972–1974 in Chicago and Wivenhoe in Essex, England, will be added to the collection in the near future. Digital re-publisher: Nick Sturm

amberflora Twitter logo

"online magazine with a focus on eco / world poetry. we aim to publish quarterly. amberflora seeks writing that pushes at borders: national / cultural / stylistic / species / etc. we welcome ecopoetry, activist poetry, materialisms, translations, poetry that explores connections to land, origins, cultures, the nonhuman, & anything in between. we invite submissions from anywhere in the world & are particularly keen to read submissions from nonwhite writers, indigenous writers, lgbti+ writers, & disabled writers." editors are Pratyusha and Kate Lewis Hood

The Argotist Online

Jeffrey Side's long-established ezine has many valuable articles and interviews — with poetry published as ebooks

ASLE-UKI & Land2 Conference 2017: Cross Multi Inter Trans: Biennial Conference of the Association for the Study of Literature and the Environment (UK and Ireland)

some interesting examples of ecopoetic practice on this site

August 1, 2013

August 2013 "On July 1st I invited a number of poets whose work I admire to contribute one of their poems to what would be a one-off online publication to go "live" on August 1st. I also asked them to pass on the same invitation to a poet or poets they knew and admired." Martin Stannard

Beard of Bees

Eric Elstain's long-established US ezine has a fair and varied contingent of British poets


"Literature; Ideas; Tea" is a varied and intelligent online magazine, with an interesting Poetry section.

Black Bough Poetry

"Digital, online publisher of micro-poetry"; Matthew M C Smith Editor

Black Box Manifold

"an online forum with a slant towards innovative poetry that has prose, narrative, or sequences in its sights" edited by Alex Houen and Adam Piette

Blart: A Magazine for Innovative Poetry

August? 2016 edited by Lucy Harvest Clarke & Stephen Emmerson, with exciting material

The Bow-Wow Shop: a poetry emporium

Michael Glover's amusing magazine has some very fine writing amidst the waggery


is a print and online journal for music politics and poetics. The editorial collective is: Paul Abbott, Gabriel Humberstone, Cara Tolmie, Christina Chalmers, Anthony Iles and Larne Abse Gogarty. Online material includes Sean Bonney on harmony.


poetry press: very cool but intermittent

Cordite Poetry Review

excellent large Australian ezine with consistently some British representation, Managing Editor Kent MacCarter

ctrl+alt+del: a contemporary poetry foldable/printable ezine

so packed by Rhys Trimble into 2 sides of A4, that you can print & fold it yourself

Culture Matters

"a collective of writers and activists who have come together to provide webspace and editorial and technical support for a 'broad left' cultural struggle for a better society." With some poems on the "Arts Hub" (managing editor Mike Quille)


"an experimental poetry journal." And an elegant and tasty one too, edited & designed by Dominic Hale, Katy Lewis Hood, Jonathan Coward and Figgy Guyver

The Curly Mind: linguistically innovative poetry weird & risky

Reuben Woolley's blogzine

Damn the Caesars: At home with itself in its otherness

Richard Owens' amazing blog, heavily involved in US radical poetry scene, also publishes much important radical British material though


crucial online magazine edited by Nell Perry and Juha Virtanen

Delirious Hem

December 2015 archive of USA-based Pussipo, "a high-octane collective of 160 women poets who view poetry as an act of skilled knife-throwing" set up 2006, and including British poets

Dispatches from the Poetry Wars

edited by Michael Boughn and Kent Johnson follows minutely USA post-avant poetry & politics, in, umm, a lively fashion, but does include interest in British innovative poetry. Ceased operations May, 2020 — but do go to its website if you don't know it!

ditch, where you find poetry that's off the main road.

2014 "Celebrating the innovative, the non-conforming, the radical, the alternative, the avant-garde, the non-linear, the abstract, the experimental." Very interesting stuff from Canada, with some British representation

Dusie: e-chap : chapchap : & bookbook : reviews

present vehicle for Susana Gardner's glorious Dusie Press activities as editor/curator/encourager

Echo Magazine

downloadable ezine from the Reverb readings team


"Eclipse is a free on-line archive focusing on digital facsimiles of the most radical small-press writing from the last quarter century. Eclipse also publishes carefully selected new works of book-length conceptual unity" Craig Dworkin is Senior Editor; very little British writing, but wondrous selection of Language, post-Language, and Black Radical writers


"an exercise in asymmetrical publishing, and is a shoe (or even two!) thrown at the spotlit shrug and yawn." is Jesse Glass's Ahadada Books ezine, fully available archived 2009


Gregory St Vincent Thomasino's "E·ratio has been online for fifteen years and has consistently presented a diversity of new, first-time and emerging writers alongside some of the most recognized writers of our time", many British

Erotoplasty: epipoetry, etc

straight-to-PDF zine of epipoetry, etc, edited by Colin Lee Marshall, I think from South Korea

European Union of Imaginary Authors (EUOIA): If the right poets for the times don't exist, then they have to be invented.

"Working in collaboration with a team of real writers, Robert Sheppard has created a lively and entertaining anthology of fictional European poets"

The Fortnightly Review

Unbelievably rich and well-stuffed online cultural magazine — "The object of THE FORTNIGHTLY REVIEW is to become the organ of the unbiassed expression of many and various minds on topics of general interest in Politics, Literature, Philosophy, Science, and Art." With Peter Riley as Poetry Editor, very fine poetry contributions, and his wide-ranging and challenging reviews (though the claimed Victorian ancestry can at times shine morbidly through the whole production, and may have led to some mild infections in Peter)

Free Verse: A Journal of Contemporary Poetry and Poetics

electronic journal edited by Jon Thompson from the USA has some excellent material, some from British poets

Gilded Dirt

"Based somewhere between Glasgow, cyberspace & the charnel ground of late capitalism, Gilded Dirt is a brand new zine featuring art, poetry & prose which explores ideas of opulence vs trash through an ecological & pop aesthetic. #pastoralnoir" edited by Maria Sledmere, available on Issuu; sabrina-vs-misty its tumblr blog

Gists and Piths: thoughts of sorts

edited by George Ttoouli and Simon Turner is an interesting and worthwhile blogzine, with good poems and other relevant postings

Glossator: Practice and Theory of the Commentary

2015 (though two more issues projected), edited by Nicola Masciandaro out of USA, but with co-editors including Ryan Dobran, consists concentrated close reading of a wide range of material, including an issue on J H Prynne (and a piece additionally by Prynne)

Great Works

big old thing, with a wide range of material ranging from hardcore mawkishness to sheer breath-taking, not well kept up, but a little life present still. Peter Philpott, proprietor


"is an experimental, contemporary literary magazine that welcomes work in all shapes and sizes. The riskier the better. It was founded, initially in print, in 2017 and is edited by Nathan Hassall and Gemma Jackson." Issue 2 online also.


July, 2011 "an anthology of poems and songs written by over 50 poets celebrating and exploring the contemporary resonances of medicinal plants and herbs for the Urban Physic Garden", edited by James Wilkes (with videos of poets reading), and still a good representative anthology

Hix Eros: Poetry Review

"edited by Jo Lindsay Walton & Joe Luna, with assistance from Jordan Savage and Robbie Dawson." Mainly online; all reviews.

Hot Tub Astronaut

"An e-zine for contemporary words, images, sounds" with some interesting poetry


"a magazine for new approaches to Fiction, Non-Fiction & Poetry" print & online; "Hotel are Jon Auman; Thomas Chadwick; Dominic Jaeckle"

How2 — Contemporary Innovative Writing by Women

2006: crucial in giving a coherent shared platform to women innovative poets, set up by Kathleen Fraser — well worth investigating

The Hythe

is the online publishing element of The 87, "a small press, publishing collective, events organiser, and platform for discussion. We're dedicated to providing a platform for poets and writers who are connected with what we call the 'thorough reals' of human experience. We welcome experimental, emerging, engaged literatures." Lots and lots going on, all good! Team is Azad Ashim Sharma (Director), Kashif Sharma-Patel (Head Editor), Sophie Ramischwili and Aisheshek Magauina (Video and Photography).

I am not a silent poet: A magazine for poetry and artwork protesting against abuse in any of its forms

edited by Natalia Spencer and Reuben Woolley

if p then q

masses of marvellous material on James Davies' excellent publishing site

Infinite Editions

May 2016 "provides poetry postcards for free download and printing" Andrew Spragg's venture

the institute of electric crinolines: art. poetics. life. concept. noise. performance.

a whole range of things interesting Drew Milne and Redell Olsen

Intercapillary Space

"a rolling poetry zine with an emphasis on criticism and review culture. It's currently edited by Edmund Hardy and Michael Peverett." And contains fascinating material


is quite but not totally US-focused; but try original Jacket archive (1997–2010), founded and edited by John Tranter: accessible from the Index, much brilliant British, Australian, Canadian and American material that helped build up contemporary innovative poetry

Joglars: crossmedia beliefware

September 2016 "collaborative works by mIEKAL aND and others" including Elizabeth James

Journal of British and Irish Innovative Poetry

"journal centres on the poetic writings that have appeared in Britain and Ireland since the late 1950s under various categorizations: for example avant-garde, underground, linguistically innovative, second-wave Modernist, non-mainstream, the British Poetry Revival, the parallel tradition, formally innovative, neo-modernist and experimental, while also including the Cambridge School, the London School, concrete poetry, and performance writing. All of these terms have been variously adopted and contested by anthologies such as Children of Albion (1969), A Various Art (1987), The New British Poetry (1988), Floating Capital (1991), Conductors of Chaos (1996), Out of Everywhere (1996), Foil (2000), Anthology of British and Irish Poetry (2001) and Vanishing Points (2004)." Editors are Scott Thurston and Gareth Farmer

Junction Box

Glasfryn Project's irregularly produced online magazine

Jungftak; a journal of poetry-prose-poetry

supervised by Eley Williams

Kater Murr's Press

2013 David Miller's highly informed small-scale publishing, with many examples online

The Kootenay School of Writing

is a writer-run centre in Vancouver, with a very exciting policy and series of activities, and the site includes text and recordings from several excellent British poets

The Licentiam: hyper-erotic poetics

well, it takes all sorts . . . blogzine from Jonathan Mulcahy-King


"a magazine of contemporary poetry, essays and reviews" edited by Alan Baker; archive still on previous site; all good!

Longbarrow Press

Brian Lewis's press ("The ethos governing the output of the press is that the poem should dictate the format of publication. The resulting objects — matchboxes, acetates, maps — allow poet and publisher to explore alternatives to the book without resorting to gimmickry") has a whole mass of material on it about the varied publications and beyond


fascinating tumblr blog of mainly visual poetry, edited by Andrew Taylor

Magma Poetry

"The poetry magazine with a different editor every issue" can be very interesting; all sorts of things online except poems

The Manchester Review of Books

". . . Journals, Papers and Ephemera" is an online review of just what it says, including interesting poetry interestingly discussed, and much else of similar worth. It's good, like an LRB that actually knows what's going on. God bless all who sail in her!

The Mechanics' Institute Review

annual Birkbeck MA Creative Writing anthology extended into online & readings — poetry editor: Stephen Willey

minor literature[s]

"stuttering culture[s]" is an impressively thought out ezine of literature and culture, including some interesting poets, and with its own meetup group — serious stuff; editors Fernando Sdrigotti, Thom Cuell, Yanina Spizzirri, poetry editor Owen Vince

Molly Bloom

Aidan Semmens' excellent online magazine of high quality poetry

Mute: We gladly feast on those who would subdue us

the odd clearly poetic element, but much of its political/social/cultural material directly relevant to the politics of much of the Innovative poetry community (or if it isn't, it ought)

New Boots and Pantisocracies: Poetry for an Infected World

"Poems from Malthusia" "We want your NEW AND UNPUBLISHED poems addressing issues related to the current situation — poems of community in adversity, of clarity in solitude, poems offering commentary, regret, insight, support, or relief. We will publish the best of what we receive at the rate of one poem per day until there is no need to publish any more. Spread the word — it contains antibodies of the imagination." Edited by W N Herbert & Andy Jackson, gloriously. Some material from previous iterations on the site, all post-"100 days of poetry for the austere generation".

ninerrors: poetry series

October 2014 Linus Slug/Mendoza's blog compiling and presenting niners, formally 9-centric poems

NOON: Journal of the Short Poem

"aims to put some of the most interesting English-language haiku in conversation with other innovative short poetry" edited by Philip Rowland

Nudging meteors

coming from work produced at a residency by gobscure (aka sean burn) at the Mental Health Museum, Wakefield, includes excellent visual poetry


June 2013 Tim Atkins' wonderful online magazine

P.F.S. Post: Maximum Post-Avant

Adam Fieled's US-based blogzine has a fair British component

Painted, Spoken

Richard Price's occasional and very interesting paper magazine presented as pdfs

Pamenar Online Magazine Twitter logo 

Pamenar Press's excellent online magazine — thank you Ghazal Mosadeq

 Paper Work Magazine

"a sometimes-annual art writing magazine and event series. We invite writing for performance and writing for page; or writing for a group together at a gallery or writing for a person browsing the magazine in a bookshop or reading in bed." We is Jessa Mockridge, Catherine Smiles and Daphne de Sonneville.

Pars Foundation: Atlas of Creativity

"Pars is an independent initiative that views the arts and sciences as essentially creative processes borne out of sheer curiosity. It collects the findings — such as architectural sketches, articles, music scores, research data, journal excerpts — of renowned and emerging artists and scientists who shape the way we perceive the world." Founded & directed by Hester Aardse and Astrid Alben, including many poets — with much material viewable online

past simple

edited by Jim Goar (mainly) is largely American, but with a good British presence in a stylish & amusing online magazine

The Penniless Press

interesting stuff — starting with an online version of material from Alan Dent's magazine of 1996–2010, with texts from figures such as Jim Burns, Alan Dent, Adrian Mitchell, Gael Turnbull, with other fascinating material added: a rich and unexpected mix at this point of time

Prac Crit

"an online journal of poetry and criticism, dedicated to reading contemporary poems up close. Three times a year, we publish an edition of essays, interviews and reflections from poets, along with our rolling features." Edited by Sarah Howe, Vidyan Ravinthiran & Dai George

Proletarian Poetry: Poetry of Working Class Lives

Peter Raynard's online magazine does what it says

poems in which

May 2017 online magazine, many whose poems begin thus, edited by edited by Rebecca Perry, Alex MacDonald, Amy Key, Wayne Holloway-Smith


edited by Ricky Ray, "an ecology, literature and arts journal operating out of several parts of the world as a movement of the Earth" has a quite varied British contribution

Readings: Response and Reactions to Poetries

2016 material from Birkbeck Contemporary Poetics Research Centre

the Recusant

Alan Morrison's radical (Left Unity) literary webzine, offering "oppositional poetry, prose, polemic" across a wide terrain — good stuff!

Red Ceilings

Mark Cobley's splendid blogzine; "We submissions of poetry for our chapbooks and blog. We like innovative, experimental and avant-garde work in particular. If it makes us smile with pleasure then it's sure to get published."

ronin press

Owen Calvert & Chris Vaughan's paper publishing (2009–2017) online

Route 57

the University of Sheffield’s creative writing journal (with some separate print publication also)

Sabotage: Reviews of the Ephemeral

"Sabotage Reviews was founded in 2010 by Claire Trévien to provide dynamic commentary and reviews of small-scale and ephemeral literature that might not otherwise receive such critical and public attention. The focus is on independent, small-budget literature; poetry pamphlets, short stories and live performance (particularly open mic events and spoken word shows)"

The Scores: A Journal of Poetry and Prose

varied online journal out of St Andrews Creative Writing Department

The Sienese Shredder: Art design literature poetry music culture

2010 USA-based magazine edited by Brice Brown and Trevor Winkfield + Mark Shortliffe; #3 includes "Nine Poets", edited by Miles Champion

Smithereens Press

An independent publisher of Irish poetry chapbooks online, now with excellent online magazine

Socialist Dancing: Working from Poem

public Facebook Group "group for any one to post stuff they're writing / creating / dancing to etc... Social Distancing becomes SOCIALIST DANCING and 'working from home' is now WORKING FROM POEM! So please do share your music / poems / art / film ... whatever doing or listening to or dancing to" Administered by the ever-admirable duo of Peter Manson and Tommy Peeps. Keep up with it!

Something Other: Collecting writing, performance & their others

"a website, a series of events, and a collaboration between the writers Mary Paterson, Maddy Costa and Diana Damian Martin."

SPAM zine

"SPAM zine & Press is an online magazine & pamphlet machine based between Glasgow & London", with a new website accomodating to Current Conditions. "It is time for poetry to enter the post-internet age, and SPAM zine wishes to take upon its shoulder the weight of this herculean enterprise." "We believe to be entering the metamodern phase in which the monstrous Chthulucene of self-devouring irony and the reduplication of signs and slogans find an inseparable companion in new constructive sincerity, in the need for wholesomeness and reciprocal care." Talks of "Our Generation" (caps, jealously mine); also of "making poetry cool again" (oh dear, oh dear!). Edited by Denise Bonetti, Maria Sledmere, Max Parnell & Kirsty Dunlop. Go for it!

streetcake magazine: the magazine for innovative, visual and experimental writing

funky & long-established webzine edited by Trini Decombe and Nikki Dudley

Stride magazine

Rupert Loydell's long-lasting & well focused e-zine, archived in slightly different format at Stride (1999-2015)

Tears in the Fence: an independent, international literary magazine

covers a very wide field very ably — excellent magazine, with David Caddy the Editor and Ian Brinton Reviews Editor; a wee bit of stuff online, and a lot of archive material also, and Ian Brinton's exciting and enthusiastic Tears in the Fence Blog


is an excellent new online poetry, responses and arts magazine, edited by Jonathan Catherall

A Thing Like You And Me: a glimpse of a hybrid narrative

"a variety of activists, artists, poets, and writers together working on a feminist narrative of camaraderie, defiance, desire, revolt, subversion, survivalism, and more" edited by Sarah Crewe and Dimitra Ioannou, published in Athens, includes various "narratives in progress" on the website

ungovernable press

glorious irrepressible pdfs from a range of persons, published by Lars Palm

the unwell woman

"exploring the stories, histories and experiences of unwell women through poetry, prose, and sound" is Elinor Cleghorn's blog

Versopolis: European Review of Poetry, Books and Culture

worth hanging onto as we dangle over the abyss of isolation

Visual Verse: An Anthology of Art and Words

"We supply a compelling image and invite writers — published or unpublished — to submit a piece in response. There is a catch: you must write it within one hour and it must be between 50 and 500 words." Publisher/Curator: Kristen Harrison; Editor-in-Chief: Preti Taneja

The Wardrobe

"Literary Magazine: A Portal of Poetry, Fiction and Essays Concerning Clothes" edited by Sarah Cave ran for 6 months and acted as "an online zine for writers interested in literature and clothes" August 2016

Wild Honey Press

November, 2014 Randolph Healy's publishing site contains a range of very worthwhile text and audiovisual material

Writing Together/Apart

"This collection of poems was produced in a pandemic for #BBKArtsWeeks 2020 as end of year publication and to celebrate Steve Willey's Living In: Creative Solidarities in Palestine", with material from that book and from Matt Bates, Megan Massey and Dana Alice Niamh, as downlapaable pdf. + video of SW reading from the book.


"X-Peri and the X-Peri Series are vessels featuring deposits of xperimental x-poetry, x-hybrids, x-visual art, x-fiction, x-essays, x-quests and posthuman x-memes." Edited by Daniel Y Harris, Rupert Loydell, Nathan Spoon & Jonathan Mulcahy-King

zimZalla: Avant objects

Tom Jenks' publishing project releasing literary objects — wonderfully varied & inventive material


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