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This may be a weak one! I respond to poetry on page or in live performance, not mediated, decontextualised and miniaturised. The list follows site name order — except that sites named solely with the poet's name are listed under surname not first name. There may be some overlap with listings of blogs etc.

As with all the material on this site, please contact me at for any suggestions for additions, or to correct any errors. And please note that as on all these lists, a date in italics indicates the last date of fresh material being uploaded to any site; but nonetheless even if it's not live any more, there's interest there. is used to indicate an addition (or major alteration) to the listing. Most recent revision August 29, 2020

The Archive of the Now

The source for British innovative poetry — a vast compendium of British innovative poets reading, now being updated, run by Andrea Brady at Queen Mary University of London


"An online evening of art talks." "a series of laid-back lectures about art and its whereabouts. On the artBLAB events, artists and art professionals representing various disciplines come together to celebrate creativity." Keen interest in visual poetry and object poetry. Now all lectures online (though for full access, various levels of "patronage", at various levels, and with goodies — good thinking here!). Organised by Michal Kamil Piotrowski and Marta Grabowska.

arts \ ego: podcast

podcasts of all sorts by or recorded by Dylan Harris


narrative, visual, and sound work by Khaled Hakim

Michael Blackburn

Poetry and Flash Fiction: podcasts Sep 2012

Blood Music

"Experimental. Producer. Taiko-acid. Drum-Voice. Multi-instrument. Text-sound-poet." is Simon Pomery on SoundCloud & even Facebook

Adam Bohman

tracks from his Paradigm 3 albums; material also on AppleMusic

<Sean Bonney's Commons

Lo-fi digital recording of readings/performances of Sean Bonney's Commons by duckplex, also adding drum and bass. Made available to commemorate what would have been Sean's 50th birthday: all proceeds to Hull Help for Refugees if you want to buy the lot, or just stream from site.

Clive Bush Audio Poetry Collection

67 talks, interviews and readings collected by Clive Bush, academic and co-founder of the great SubVoicive reading series in London, between late 70s and early 00s, and hosted by his former employer, the University of Warwick — which also hosst the related Writers at Warwick archive (URL on Clive Bush Etc Collection page inaccurate), which includes some interesting pieces (readings, talks, interviews, including much Lee Harwood and an Allen Fisher reading.

Carcanet audio library

"Listen Here!" "this rich online resource includes Carcanet podcasts, recordings of poems and interviews"

The Claudius App

"A Journal of Fast Poetry" — its vimeo uploads: strong on Beynon/Jeschke

Jennie Cole

"Makes poems, performances, objects, books, videos and things-in-between" on Vimeo, and on SoundCloud as jecole

Iris Colomb

many uploads of her performances/creations or from events she has curated

Comet Radio

broadcasting from Deptford, London, by Ed Luker with poetry and music on SoundCloud (also as Rivet Radio)

The Covers project

May, 2016 "contemporary poets reading poetry that has influenced their own work." An SJ Fowler site, and a pity it hasn't been continued: the insights that could come from a not-the-poet reader could benefit both poet and audience

Culture Court

Lawrence Russell's site has all sorts of multimedia interesting weird shit

damn the caesars' YouTube Channel

has a number of lectures & readings relating to current English & American poetry

Cole Denyer

is his (with others) SoundCloud presence

Dirty Confetti

"a small press and forum for collaborative projects between women of all ages. It was set up by the writers Alice Maddicott (UK) and Ana Seferovic (Serbia) who felt there was a gap for a publisher focusing on the sort of books they love to read and create — work that blurs the lines between poetry, prose and visual art; work that seeks to be constantly evolving and to put collaboration at its core. It is also a digital archive for their more experimental and site-specific projects."

Double Change

"Double Change was founded in 2000 in order to juxtapose, unite and reunite the poetries of France and the United States in a new bi-national, multi-faceted forum." Including material by/on many English poets; editors: Omar Berrada, Vincent Broqua, Claire Guillot, Abigail Lang, Jean-Jacques Poucel, Sarah Riggs

Electronic Voice Phenomena

an experimental literature and new media project, exploring contemporary approaches to sound, voice, technology and writing, brought to you by Mercy and Penned in the Margins.


Redell Olsen March 2014


SJ Fowler's YouTube channel has masses of films of readings etc, including our man, or shot by our man, at his many enterprises

Jemima Foxtrot

her YouTube channel

Free Range

Canterbury performance series on SoundCloud, with poetry, music & all between — Sam Bailey responsible

Martín Gubbins

Chilean experimental poet who was a Writers Forum member at the beginning of the last decade, and founded Foro de Escritores in Santiago, his website hosts his visual poetry, and his SoundCloud site martin.gubbins his sound poetry + the Basement Readings album, with work from Lawrence Upton, Chris Paul, Sean Bonney, Mike Weller, Martín Gubbins, Jeff Hilson, Adrian Clarke, John Muckle, Aodhán McCardle, Luna Montenegro & Mark Jacksonmjb from 2003

Paul Hawkins

on Mixcloud

Gad Hollander

his channel on Vimeo for his poetry films

if p then q

masses of Videos on James Davies' publishing site

Ignota Books

runs online events under The Lockdown, as Break Into the Forbidden, with videos available.

 IKLECTIK [off-site] Art Resistance

produced under Lockdown, the website offshoot of the Waterloo venue "features A/V works, R+D projects, interviews, podcasts and reading recommendations on music, art and critical thinking." Very sound art, but including fascinating interfaces with more language-based art.

Tom Jenks

"poetry & criticism": fullish set of links to his audiovisual material


Large anti-choir formed by Martin Archer in Sheffield, on BBC Music, while also homepage (with A/V material) on Discus Music

 Petero Kalulé

"I am a Ugandan poet, composer & multi-instrumentalist currently trying to finish a law PhD at QMUL." This supremely talented poet and musician on many social media — Twitter logo: "Petero Kalulé @nkoyenkoyenkoye @QMSchoolofLaw polytropos / "cute but not cute"/ playful / ghost" + SoundCloud + bandcamp + Spotify

Language is á virus

a series of long videos on the Martin Bakero Felipe Cussen YouTube Channel of the Chilean poets Martín Bakero and Felipe Cussen: recordings of video-conferenced conversations involving a featured poet and a number of other poets (including often Ghazal Mosadeq).

Listening Across Disciplines network events

Resonance FM broadcasts sharing the discussions from these events arranged by Anna Barney and Salomé Voegelin

 Lunar Poetry Podcasts

"a series of discussions, interviews and live recordings with poets in the UK and further afield, examining the creative process", founded by David Turner, now hosted and produced by Peter deGraft-Johnson a.k.a The Repeat Beat Poet


on SoundCloud: another major SJ Fowler site, linked with his series of interviews for 3:AM Magazine, with many recordings


June 2010 The Miami University Archive of Writing in Performance — nothing recent, but all gold!

Helen Moore

ecopoet, socially engaged artist & outdoor educator, with some excellent poetry films

Gboyega Odubanjo

This excellent poet's Vimeo channel


large number of video & audio recordings 2006-2011, plus also large Vimeo site of (probably) all its performances

Optic Nerve

Colin Still's video production company has made a number of excellent films on (mainly) American poets (and some quirky little ones on mainly non-innovative British poets)

Maggie O'Sullivan

on PennSound

The Other Room

Poetry reading series in Manchester, UK's Vimeo site: huge!

Paradigm Discs

Clive Graham's aural world ranges through sound art, improvised music & sound poetry. Snippets available on his website, plus much else.

Paul Blackburn Audio Collection

at University of California San Diego Library Digital Collections covers the entire avant-garde New York poetry scene between 1960 and 1971 — can you miss it?


center for programs in contemporary writing at the University of Pennsylvania: Caroline Bergvall, Sean Bonney, Basil Bunting, Miles Champion, cris cheek, Bob Cobbing, Martin Corless-Smith, Bill Griffiths, Lee Harwood, Michael Haslam, Anselm Hollo, Peter Jaeger, Pierre Joris, Tom Leonard, Tony Lopez, Mina Loy (interview), High MacDiarmid, Peter Middleton, Drew Milne, Eric Mottram, Redel Olsen, Maggie O'Sullivan, Simon Pettet, Tom Raworth, Stephen Rodefer, Nathaniel Tarn, Fiona Templeton, Scott Thurston, Charles Tomlinson, John Wilkinson + all the American avant-gardists since 1950 you can eat (or bear to listen to): Al Filreis is the man! Site also in fact subsumes Electronic Poetry Center (EPC), UbuWeb and Jacket2.

People Like Us

Welcome to the only official site for People Like Us and Vicki Bennett, "an influential and pioneering figure in the still growing area of sampling, appropriation and cutting up of found footage and archives". Also her Vimeo site Vicki WFMU


out of University of Plymouth’s English and Creative Writing, founding editor Anthony Caleshu, has some interviews etc with authors available on the site

Phantom Power

"Sounds about Sound: a podcast on the sonic arts and humanities", hosted in USA by "poet + media artist cris cheek and sound + media scholar Mack Hagood"

The Poetry Archive

"Listen to the world's great poets" Unfortunately this site gives me Hugo Williams looking at me as I write this. Founded by Richard Carrington and Andrew Motion, editors are Emily Berry, Sam Buchan-Watts, Patrick Davidson Roberts, Oli Hazzard, Stephen Pickles, Sam Riviere, Preti Taneja, George Ttoouli, Ben Wilkinson & John Tolputt

Poetry Emergency

"a north west radical poetry festival" (November 2018) recordings, which are hosted by Generic Greeting, and well worth listening to.


"synthetic, synthesising, various, many, folding . . ." organised by Robert Hampson, Kristen Kreider, Will Montgomery & Redell Olsen, with Prudence Chamberlain and Jennie Cole, this was a series of events foregrounding cross-genre writing, which includes poetry readings, performances, film screenings and installations. Its website has a host of video, audio & information thereon October 2015

Gerry Potter — Poet

reading on YouTube

Simon Powery

text-sound maker — many uploads of performances etc

Ralph Pritchard

complex but emotionally searching art-oriented projects, including Gone Clear, "a discussion podcast hosted by me and my cousin Gloria Dawson. The shows often revolve around art, politics and slippages between the personal and the political." And poetry

Soni Quintero

her YouTube channel

Renscombe Press

Poems, texts and recordings by James Wilkes — and what an exemplary performer!

Resonance 104.4fm

alternative radio, open to sound art, and poetry, all sorts of things

Richard Skelton

information-loaded personal site of one of the owners of Corbel Stone Press and leading poet/artist/musician of the landscape

Sophie Seita

many performances uploaded


Edward Shipsey's SoundCloud contains various avatars of "First Page From PUSH, Novel By Paul Ingram, The Musical"


"an investigative platform exploring poetry & performance through a series of live events and an online archive" and looks very exciting! "Founder & curator: Iris Colomb; many others involved, including Serena Braida, Camilla Nelson and Luna Montenegro & Adrian Fisher, and with support from several presses and online production organisations.

Spoken Web

huge Canadian archive of audio recordings


"Poets Audio/Visual Archive": very multilingual anthology streamed using Flash, including Ana Seferović, Nick Potamitis, Rufo Quintavalle, Alice Maddicott, Simon Mundy and Kai Fierle-Hedrick, supported by the European Cultural Foundation, but liable to be interrogated by your computer network over its safety

Synapse International

An international visual poetry gathering, edited by karl kempton and Philip Davenport. "This visual-text-art-blog-anthology contains visual poetry, minimalist poetry, book art, mail art, word painting, contemporary calligraphy, word sculpture, visual text centered collage, visual text centered photography, mathematical poetry and other kindred expressions with a deep history back to rock art." Afterword by karl kempton. An explanation (for our erratic behaviour) I would greatly recommend. British visitors to the blog may find most useful the section "THE WRITING BODY." Guest Editor, Scott Thurston, including many current and historic "practitioners engaging across dance/movement and poetry/language". Much use of video material throughout.

"a Non-Profit Online-Archive & Information-Database for Audio-Tape-Culture (Cassettes/Tapes/Reels) and 20th Century Art- & Music-related Small-Press Publications / Magazine-Culture. This Archive-Database focuses on the following styles/genres. — Mid 70's to late 90's Industrial / Experimental / Free Improvisation / Post-Punk / New Wave, Minimal / Synth /Ambient and further musical directions of the DIY-Cassette-Culture. — early 50's to late 90's Sound Art / Sound Poetry / Text-Sound-Compositions / Poesie Sonore / Verbosonics / Lingual Music / Music Concrete / Audio Art plus related printed Mail-Art / Concrete Poetry / Visual Poetry / Lettrisme / Fluxus" Register for free to enjoy all this!

Tears in the Fence

"an independent, international literary magazine": their festival webpage hosts lots of videos of talks and readings

virna teixeira

"A Brazilian poet living in London with a medical background" on Vimeo

Jonty Tiplady

on Vimeo


"operates at the nexus of mind, language and technology. It was founded by Nathan Jones and Sam Skinner in 2012 as an itinerant publisher, arts and curatorial platform."


"All avant-garde. All the time." is huge & ever-growing

Xavier Velastin

"sound design & composition for the stage" declares the Wixsite of this Anglo-Chilean sound artist and mediated poet; also available on YouTube, vimeo and as XVelastín @xaviervelastinsound

Philip Venables

"one of the finest of the younger generation of composers working today" (The Guardian) has set to music texts by Simon Howard, Steven J Fowler, Sean Bonney, Boris Vian & Sarah Kane translated by Durs Grünbein

The Venus Papers

"An original spoken-word performance" by Lydia Towsey

voiceworks project

masses of stuff from "a project exploring song in poetry, text, music & sound, through collaboration between poets, composers and singers", I believe from Contemporary Poetics Research Centre Birkbeck 2013

Salomé Voegelin

on SoundCloud, and also ora: "voyages into listening and writing by Daniela Cascella and Salomé Voegelin"

Wild Honey Press

Randolph Healy's publishing site contains a range of audiovisual material also November, 2014

The Wolf magazine Audio

has a fair number of recordings (though none recent)

WPR Recording Session: Martin Corless-Smith

entire 2015 collection, Bitter Green, read


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