Simon Howard

13 & double

La Treizième revient . . . C’est encor la première
Gerard de Nerval, ‘Artémis’

rope ventricle near life out
vasion flower glass & turret spike
luxicities hymn to a dead
state o! pen ossuary its cimbalom
moral long eye throat with cobweb craze
to honey maul & sickle magic
phosphor shrive pull down febril
e hybrid shard horned anamnesis
old illustration hoop &
baffle walk the city fields
the vision cosh or bomb clamour gnomon
reference no. & of love
sick glossoutopian dearth

Some rain.
A silky, an anatmospheric kill.
Warm spindle sprung from flail in clock war. P brken
commune. Sodeepdownin
toy plus whisper
stare. Through loop surveillance, clinker wave,
a weave of nettles, of alllost darklid,
host. Aggress term auto mite
to deviant gauge splitting epistyle seeks i
noculatory rice burner.
Or undulant orb.
Art of death,
of dying sorrow. Cucumber mist in sacks.

& salvage indigent indi
go flute sidereal dayicide
logjam axe tapestry dedistance
carnage then rotate mix a zip affect some fear is code
receptor fibre twitch attract to system
carry of off traffic into forehead
damps damps excursive rio prosthesis
t encryption dot switch gallow hollows at the flayed gag
mashed & marked for linen how to walk is
in blank salute ribbon to hot cougar
tribes sub speech roarer whole cruel part clawers
catalepsy the lovers
map the day locations tenebral no noise noise narrated

slide ghostglass sea, pearlings
pale. Touch substance, diorama dust, pixie pie
mesh. Bannering stash, o! feather acids, service sector inks
; & redesign as do not
be. Gryphon in a box, flip wire controls
assassination. Insane lock up. Mint yard rehab.
Tough hate
inference, skive coil arc birdwheel intra
rust. Expulsed terrain of burning ice. Nor unknown
lovers, all knowing it.
Viable economicunit
. Curse. As miles of place.

to ease curve moth most popular nouns
for sorrow oncemore &&
& vortex state state state or other
nutrition other drying
animals of breath of rarities & drift
seized elfwood plastics star
k cartoon assemblage coppice
splint & pay the rent deploy
hammer delirium pod circuitry
burden to these farm
& vocal silencers drip into fears e

Supposed adrenaline, hinged.
Hyaline turns down the sheet,
cartilaginous rats take place
a any place,
candle flesh, new perspective, warp.
Moribund gorse & leather goods.
All day robotics, new perspective warp
majesty, a hot dusk spraying, cognitive & diver orbits, silver paint & husks.
Druggy melancholy.
Liminal is a turn on.

ogre a transplant loin
hostel of lacustrine
ace argent
hole in eye thorn in
eyelid in strums
digger shine
accented summer
belt lex
ical alb

Xero street, lost in ro
om. Ziggurat rip, a waif on green sticks
click down market
trade. Animal or endplate dodge
flat facesur not alike
enough though on a pillow & a stranger, a goldgreen
under the tall sign greengold
backaway. Asleep on in the
cry out from the
warning nul. Randomised trial.
Naked honeynuke. On the sides of
not from the sides of
nmonads, local storm.

trees see enough
to groan at
law & its oar
in crutches
surge the art of being
a little silly pond
a little silly park
blank &
is a tradition
seamstress violence
merchant with
wilderness glued throat & gloves

Peaty stars
medicines from
throstle, ever colours out & catch inside
company. Arrive from indeterminate
malfunction flank
or flail, individual ate
plasticopropoppoppo, known
address by rote
, beside the walks the festive hive allbuzzing
. Skive,
dark with floaters, rubber mouths, organdie grinders & & & assunder playhouse stripes &
Alllove vanitas.

immensities crops & bleeds
miniature river glow with true
band banned
treefloor all in a cage with slow
crown hot in hedge & previou
sly exterminated dotted line serene
logic bucket & wires
orator loves the
mentalist hay
ceramic cinnamon symbolon
wonderful old skin
s dealt in vetoes magneto

Purblind loss. Loose bind a statue hair
& electrocute seraphim. Accord to shining plan
. Are touchable screeds, decrepit hush,
leaf shakes in early, thin as mountain
basement, beebeaded
mess of pollens. Telekinesis, trillizillionths unsleep surplus needled
blue. Yesno talkative
cats again to restitch
the vehicles burn, doghead
mist phenomenalog. Afraid to say
& then weird
o image as
sound as sentenced day.

dark book
road obsequised
all day numeral
ashy rai
n is speck
led with wrists climbing thr
ceiling to adjust
stucco sky
gazes & &&
tends vultures
lovers to stick

Paper to trees
pour wine
hole & as if
minds were less
coruscating more now
the good
continues & impale
s tongues hoppily,
from stair to stair
graffito aureoles
a terror whiteazureout

kinship model
runaway frayed
noble handkerchief
nearby && follow
where in all weather
sponge catchment destruct ion latex & nobles in the dirting
spit open headlink strange
this place is it exist
& the sensual killers lug
the river years to walk
seconds to return
escapologists recommend
attaching sugar

Instinctual mayhem it en
thralls, though majolica
gifts scrupulousl
y market. Insecticide, unearthly bay, hallucinates
lover in hot catafalque, spinning virus lick. Those c
harmed forces sequestrate
condign patter, foil jay
gangster. Ism kiss along the viole
t ridging, hesitant then plume o! original iron beaten in
barbs, fire gorms &&& the love
r along the violet ridge falls
apart. There are signs, spaces preliminarily locked
ovens hoppity.

hoop to ruff unknown
archaic loop
march & gleam
bracelets on a heel of wired
observable lapel thou
sand destitute trick of
navigation sack
arrow endeavour logo & encrusted
in session the storm claim
the land
artillery with

¼s of dwelling
sick unto
& shallows
bright pouter
punks old rust.
entrail data

eremite plangent
anthrax tongue
& lure
the great
e fear
process report
age of ghost

Grandeur whoops & plumes c
oracle, lozenge interior harp
days & voids
constructivist spell grab of
geist. Headcuff negligible thumb, oil galleons, & parched & flow dissect
at back
the settled in &
lamp &
% folly.

cinemas are learned
suns obviate translators
& unattainable yield gestures
cryptograph junky bloom to furniture
rotunda crease etc. conjure enclosing
moustache accidentally
valid evolving denial suburb impelled
hendiadys accomodate hot exchange
raging clue to framework
daintily petalled crustings & the tang
of bones & berries
aura on a leash
dipso carillon

Strangest dream ever dream.
Wave soul winged fish in the.
Breakfast army.
Pebbling o.
Ut buckl e.
Hard looking.
Flambard struck g.
Utter grunt.

call ceiling down to heaven above
process of primitive accumulation
ophelia’s eyes secure/ in king lear’s box/ with mattress & razor blade/ of gold
king kong tells us “sleep” & so you do
hushed enough for god
which vegetation best explores your mood
accidental destiny the stars uncurve before her eyes
some suitcase has been abandoned there
he casually eats his own toes causally
imagine that
shit on my face
then forget me

Miles from nowhere, though somewhere,
toys lick our money clean.
Paid for in advance,
we eat our toes.
The evening, so soft, the light so drowsy & humblebeed,
sleep, & watch over me, as cars sail by.
In the morning, her dream not far from us,
keep counsel.
Miles from somewhere, though nowhere,
our money licks clean toys clean.
Paid for in resitution,
our toes eat us.
The evening, so soft, the light so dark & void.

tourniquet flower
darken eye until
stranger’s umbrella
& drowsing old in the
factory happened like coma
toes & living there &
the use of eyes could leap
the frontier frosty with
unique & garrulous rain splaying
bits of coal & wax & paper &
a stranger but worn thin
sent out naked
a delicate crime &

Asleep in bandage
s the specialist iguana
thought an incident
where glass brightens & 1000s of
moths scratch through glaze
& beautiful crime
to go away with
& here they are
is somewhere & some road out
the “use” of language
listen to radio calm or
maybe dead.