if brutal h
owl rememembrace it c
old ised vagrant untrace
d tree ghost in
dices of urban utter
l stripper zoo ance
doll the needle m
throat the automist inside
archive of buried mat
tress. es nought switch
and stream of rust
optical scam scamp
blink the dust
is terror routine
rooting error
is dreamy lip
scar he e
ad case
wor l dless lexi
con. e


goes hushy familiarise
tenancy bizarrerie
homeostasis they construct
wishful seahorse enter th
e black box a kind of
immobility clown savagely glint
flay baubles and melt
walk terrain with eyes of
metals deepening
rod. p listen to the li
ght how it flutters how it
drinks the hospital nude
was so
is not so
street rippling castaway in
sect philosopheme
gauzy flyaway tran
quiliser new
spaper cloppings
up in a dead was. p

ungle punkle

specific levitation procurer
flow identificatory defect
pathway strolling sunblot admix
morbidity index foams
pandemic hymnist recip
rocal social stungun fixes it
s legibly furnace illiterat
ion snuggle dawnbark hoppity
pervasive internal replica sor.
row storm delivery
network observation clos
e to fibrous
bonewire continueall to exhibit
s burning cloud
s in he
ll it takes
chunk of night to be
d with i. t

re: humanmains

membrance solpsis
flatline bewilder
moon they activate
esplosive tapemourn
singsung shell
with whisper eyes
hair of medicine
s crunchy glass feeler
s inglaze of slo
ganism. spoliate it
dangerous klondike
hornflower cert
ification double
stiff gown salt
xigmating grass
minutiae exhale
multiplied paper ang
els. eels


rapid transcript symptom
issued by nightgob
ringaring hyperprose jet
mainstream erotic child
render misprision image
mage legislates iron
leggings emblem cockerel
against blueblack dawn
waygo gossamer viol
prison of prim. ula
late they sleepday burden
it their glimpsed
numberlock citadel blowing
apart at the
screams of meat
and power buttons
inside it stranger
fur and plastic
animals halo thin. k

dangerous klondike

invention of a fabric known to fear
obstinately hug blonde sawnoff knee
trembles in dawnbreakscapes crawl
blissing amber canopy crown of sulph
ur signs playout among them
anther stochastics
between toucher dogmatic map sashays
stagbeetleblue stepawayfromthat
[                                            ]
outside. that head
silky colourless
frondgrass nil
rotation mill
curve of the
kettle jingling a
feather tasked
slight bruising to win. g

scissor fountain thursda

fripper harpoon
blank its glark
sentence war
y ghosts spik
e chainspit
scissor fountain thursda
y occupier   's    lodge
ment in thearly
suitcase bit of a bitt
er nightchain
day rounds ec. ho
loss exegesis
skin exilic
headstand metallic li
ps drowsily
buttons in
boredom ug
ly squilty
chu. ck


scrape dirempt helium
roseships revenant strychnine
crab kink cabbie
lurid meta narrative
agitator screwed in
technics fullblown abject
it gathers it weirdo inner ring
floater amorphic furniture slaughter house rune
they slurp gob
lets trance beelze. bubs
and yet the
names continue thistle
drift in stone
to cry in
the out light
out line lie
ganged rubbers kingdom melancholia pump op
caged twister flaking medley farago sash
each figure troop
moment kit. sch


carnival curlicue curlew croupier
dingdog hornestnet smashandgrab periodic
lubricious tender flimflam epodic ness
dictatoreal powerplug ablaze full gloom
ing slowland marginal surrectionist gaglog
folk mistral utterance volute saturnian
gnid amloveoftheylife abomination
perpetualwarpeace witchfisherdoubledoom
mad. rigal
blind as a tiger
moth beaten
hemstitch hendiadys
riverdrag ri
ch oozy roundel
glowords riotchargers
buckler taughtured
securificationprocessi. on


they journey
in woven buckets
they hold it un
der histories
auratic monitors
days go and comb
xpedite. a little rep
lica of its tears
in precious glob
e viole  n   t prism
essay on can
nibbles strings of stars vib
rating they ret
urn on woollen stretcher
s the green rain fa
ils coercive mouth. piece


undercity undream surge
signchanger errant ships
hod fool sostrangely dou
bled derealised ashmoun
d the old railway star nud
e as a dodgem scar invol
utional ambidirection spa
tial index landgrab sweet
smelling placenames she
flakes of purplish silence
holding dayandnight in a
tender antlery sweetsmel
ting sheets crumpledump
le clouds above the citad
hell thimmense signatolo
gism archive bleary bits o
f butterbread her eye'sbr
ows melting tears chyrsta
lis theory of transmissabl
e pasttense soeerily sing
s motets flowering subur.


flesh become discontinuo
us approx. her trace trou
bled bandages in light sl
ow greengrey. its palm is
naturalie cold with sleepl
essness. then river weeps
laughters of pearly candl
es. autohypnotised report
age in a cage spookily he
ndiadys history annihilati
on the zoowalk the zoom
y floods. personaldebt. in
crease liedetector defectio
n rasputin blimblam. rippe
d torso sleepily meadowso
ur bed. lyric opalescence g
anglion. sobeautiful smear
mist and lemonbronze sno
wts. revolutionist voice crac
kled pipeways deadly atmo


in their day buildings exiled
inhabited slantly improper sile
ncers spottily winnow dowed gl
aregown silo. wrongs partic
le astoun doghead bushes lo
gjam masquerade. makers a
n invisible dislurp planeto fu
stian hoodo. flarp flarp crow
n. weavers of thornclouds co
ming in across them haywires
in arcady. stipples lute happle
apple mushmusk. metamorph
ic police cluewords, aggravate
d food. s. suburb pornpaw ha
ir slivery snail magnetic ploug
h jannisary snows. onbladehill
s inordinate clarity her rightch
eek slew wyvern bottlejuice. in
sect angelisms eyes inturned
stormclods. waiting for the sig.

1 night

just be simple
words like
uninfinitely small
words in the night
no line break
nobody speaking
except notme which is
nothing of nothing. coming of . . .
the rustle of your thoughts how
is that possible? it
everything else is
in this
not that. her
hair like a medieval
favour wrapped a
round the night

some day always

(in) memory barry macsweeney: it's not a thing a ding a ding
waiting for the doctor
s. is it barry?
it's hot here, season in etc.
you loved your lover i did min
e. it's summer. fruit riprotting on the
furnace. as sean bonney would
say **** the B*P.
she had little breasts so dream
y nutbrowngold as autumn leaves
pt it is summer now, not autum. **** it (and the B*P) n
i wish you were with me barry
i love your work.
i loved her. don't know if i wish she was her
e, her hair like
hair, i guess (guess, not suppose).
her hair scented of londontown (not your place barry, not your . . . place)  but un
cannily of straw


we've had a sleep
barry macsweeney.
you don't mind me
minding you?
you do(?). the breeze is cooling the day, blowing in its frei
ght of traffic, petrol, the council cut
ting grass. i've lost embarassement, have you ? do you re
member pearl? you taught her muteness on a slate to write her un
rights down in the downy small rain adown. as sean bonney would and so on say baudelaire's passing girlphanto
m man/woman/dream from out
space of. whoever it is we haunt our hauntedness
with in their going dreamlesness their dreamt
state they love us, you know that. you don't? doesn't do them any goo
d in the heads of the goo
goo are (g)odds/wearing life like a coat all over sliver glas
sy rain. the goods aren't all there a
rare. the passing, the gentle, are
e. are errant dadadadadadadada. zoomflip
zag. tru?e

minima moralia

it had a sung pearl tongue
also went lurp slurp
hot weather like
the dearth of anti-them, the no
s. dial
ectic: we'll call you return we'll send you lif
e surance/ in prague is a cast
le. how good must it be to be
[                                   ]
in prague (with a castle
to drea
m away from)? just
a place with a death's hea
d on a map
someone has just looked
at what. goethe wrote
of the firmamental curve of a lover
r's spine. well. yes.
and yesno.

kong liar

if an
yone wants a
poem the night air is good
chill tongues of fire
of sick of it keep on go
ing on. course
of. idiocy. in its birdie
cage. so on.
shut up (the cage the rat
abusive social foll
y holdall
dream of a nice holiday in a cold
el. chill tongues
will the motor
tumbrils never shut the
up? out
side. in the (relativ
e silk


letsberational ubu
the enemy are out the
re. not in
listen. silence is silen
t now. listen.
traffic of every type won't sto
p out
here/there. there are simple words &
less. i've poor sight eye don't want
to wake the una
wake. make's no
past midnight not a
soul onin
a placelesloss,
needles and reeds and
absurdist thames. it lows
f you know?
oh and the police sirens are going strap
pipe us to our masts. wonder who they are in pursuance a prayer. amen. of?


osmotic fellucas often meliorate the transmigration of owls.
that's the way it is in glorkland.
some time the
y let their owls/oars dropdrip +
drift. that's a good way to sway
arrive. he who does not for
get his first love will not recognise his last
david burliuk, alexander kruchenykh, vladmir may
akovsky, victor khlebnikov 9teen seventee
n we order that the poets' rights be revered:

osmotic fellucas infinitely meliorate
the transmigration of owls


It sort of
sleeps. & so do it
I etc. If I was lonely I'd

be lonely. Or love
ly perhaps. It's just someone out

here going blind with tears or

the fuzz blah-blah blan
k that won't stop tonight. Who are they doing

over? and if you are out + about no
bodaddy & your mu
m has just shat her bed

got any idea

i knew a girl
with hair like


with hair like

it was so lovely it was

harvest gol
d, and her eyes

cornflowers and starres.

or not.

there's not any booze in the house. or a push
er to be found at 00.46.

life goes on, thou gh. doesn't it


Between 5 and 6 in the fucked day
icht god app
eared to me/it. said i've been watching
you i said you mean watch

ing over. no. it said, those watchmaker traum
as of the C18 were corr


a dream of


not cornflower blue.

her eyes were the sea on a war
m after

noon. softly pulsing.

better than god's bino

culars. the world god

made in an act of
gratuitousness it

could (but couldn't)

touch those eyes for beauty.

Fuck the B*P.


this is not a poem

I hate the fuzz.

+ they will not shut the

outside, night afte
r night.

& they are at it again. yayayayaya. blaaah.

It's my mum I'd like to get some sleep.

I can always walk down to the Thames. Unless that's crimi


al activity punishable by

gun-trained officers.

I've never forgiven the fuzz for grab

bing me + my girlfriend from the fringe
s of the Pole Tax "Riot"

We were very peaceable. Which was foolish of us.

10 hours in a cell. And a copper saying you'll be out of here on crutches. "Mate."

And as for your "missus."

I hate the fuzz.

And I wish they'd shut their noise up so the worl

d could get some

sleep. Be decent of them. As it were.