Shahar Gold

The Deranged Elephant

The asses are going to fart tomorrow. That is because they are going to violate me. Whenever they violate me they follow it up with a fart. The farting itself is a violation. They like to couple violation upon violation. They like to emasculate me. They tell me what to do and they fart. If I obey, they fart. If I refuse, they fart. I think they really like to fart. The asses will be farting in the coffee shop, they’ll be farting on the bus, they’ll be farting in the drug-shop, they’ll be farting on the sidewalk. Tomorrow is the day and I have to brace myself. They’ll violate me and fart, I will obey and they’ll fart, and they’ll keep farting for a very long time. They made me feel like a man so that one day they can let it all out. They let me breathe clean air so that tomorrow they can fart and fart and fart.