Inner Pockets

The art of nullifying thought-provoking physicals
Gets bigger and bigger every time
I look at it [

                        Biting what meat can be had
                        Off of the spine of an apple core
                        I need to bone up on
                        My lingo if I'm to spoon-feed people
                        Nonsense about wisdom      (

                                              (...standing as monuments in time as worms,
                                              As grown worms growing from a body starting
                                              With a point made of two slabs of flesh
                                              And an air pocket between, and bones are fused
                                              To a cloud of intermingling cells...)
                                                                      )         &where are the Graves
                                                                      For the trees? Pets have Graves.
                                                                      What would the ghost
                                                                      Of the cherry blossom say?
                                                                      Would the perished fruit of
                                                                      The dead grape vine crumble like
                                                                      The summer soil of the vineyard?

                                                                                             ] After the
                                                                                 Wander for seven,
                                                                              No body is the same