Crossroads I: The Divine

                     ex nihilo! from one
possibility, two emerge          
 bravely into the atomic wind of change.      checked, from both passages.
  from matter and more
  and coincidently, the choice
                                       is either, both, or
                 none. if you're like me, you'll peer into faces
              so thinly veiled by expression
        and see the same prime intentions –
         benevolent, malignant
          the two factions of the god: His twin facets represented by the angel collectives
                      inside all that is, and all within
           even the daylight stars, who dance in the same rhythm as
                                the micro ether particles. divinity is choice. devils colour

          angels, radiate. the tiny, little: duo tied to a liberal spiral, tied
           to the strings of all things
            from point, universe, to a building block,
              from strands of fragments, to a double, from
               crude strips of animalistic ancestry, to the licks of our fingers
                now refined, and more than capable of making changes to the grand plan.