Allison Boast

To Fast to Fall

Framing the world in parts to fall distance in aching dreams of long time past, you wait for me and there I sit knowing how you will arrive. I will hold the door and you will fall to me in fast pain. You ache to know the light is there and the door is open for you to come. Make it quick if you decide, I will not wait forever, I will not hold you if you try to run. Joking apart I know how much I break the day into you and force you to share it with me. You don't know what or how or even why, but now I know who took it to turn your back. You took my life into the hands of just the word I tried to stop. I knew to let you take control would mean falling to the ground. To fake my interest in life, to fall, it seemed so easy in defeating you. You closed the door on yourself and now it will remain. So leave because the door is padlocked.

Down it falls into the aching palm, taking control longing to part. I sit waiting for all to come and you to take the same, it passes it falls. You lose. I win. Separated into seams it takes you going away falling in hard ground to hold strong jumping back into the world you wished you had left. Knowing it doesn't matter. You don't matter. No one matters. Knowing each step will be a pointless step. Knowing each time you wake you wish your eyes would have stayed closed. Vicious hands clawing at nothing air; passing the hours without the faint scent of morning; without the world lapsing and fading from rock to face. Forward thinking and backwards lies telling you what you want to hear without knowing why it seems to be. Why you care enough to hear it, or care enough in taking control. You know how falling hard can crash and burn makes you ache inside and feel yourself wishing to die. It doesn't matter if you miss me or if you want me back. I know where I am going now and how it needs to be. Fast taken. Fast destroyed. I crash potentially into you to see your face as I curl into the darkness, as I die in the distance and feel my soul wrench from yours. Leaving the world and you to die.

Time taken falling in there for all to ask about you. Question what you feel but know the answer is false, faked by someone who doesn't care. Who lives in a different world for what it takes. To fall in the aching night and feel the life claw, suck, rip at your soul, curve your life and destroy all it contains. To feel alone in cotton trees and stare through windows made of sand. Questioning what you wish and how you know and which way you want to believe. It doesn't take long to develop your mind and fail to see the flakes of yesterday falling to where you wish it could have been. You asked me once to explain how all seemed to break. I never understood but now it seems to be to easy and on collapsing seems to snap. Twisted and teamed with aching hands to see the distance disappear. To feel all you ever knew destroyed and damaged by eyes unknown. You took the world and changed it, dragged it back and pulled the string. To know no one cares is a difficult thing in eyes that long to be held. Stroke your love and contain it, make it fit for all to consume and develop your knowledge in a way seems past in understanding the unseen. It may fake you into lies or twist your callous dreams to bend and fold all you believe. Let it turn and ache inside to twist your soul into your hands and bury your face into the ground. You never understood to understand. It seemed too much for you to take if the world was created by a parting man.

The aging faces of all who stare take on a different view. They look into the open world and fail to make the light come through. It never was or will be known that all and aching passes by, to destroy and fix, build and break, to feel the immense anger of hate that pulses through veins and skin to make its way to control. The distant aches of yesterday, the pangs of how it should have been. Longing for something to hold on to the feeling of falling. Break wall, concrete pavement moulded to fit everything you knew to ask. What you questioned and longed for when you fell? To stop questioning the distance of how you knew and faced him in passing to twist the sacred body of man into the path of the road. To ask why it never took and who should be, facing all the distant questions, now that passed. You fall to fall and fall again, never able to get up. You act to hate all around you and love them, but never question why. You die in shame.

From every step to fake it out and approach darkness of light half passed to lose. Asking how it feels to never be this close to hate, fake the moment you want it to part. To never question coughing dreams of choking lungs. Frames of dirt with brick carved love are never held to you. Walks plaster to hold back and break against the storm. They wait and feel it seem and know to be seen by all and fall into the world. They break your love, heart and soul into your dreams. They split. Walk away to a different place. Legless and lifeless you fall. Wrapped in paper to trap you, break you with words and faces of laughter. Bring him out and follow forever to snake your way into the rim of life. Foiled by faking the etched words of life into skin and wood to make a mark. High pitched you squeaked to show a point, but no one understands the words you hate to speak. The glass paper frame strained with skin, to form your life and twisted by the hands of bone. Why, it seems to ask but nothing can be done? To feel alone in twisted dreams tearing at spheres of skin. Black wood stained with notches of pain, to represent all and nothing it seems. Eyes looking over into a staring night to a world faked to see. You long and hate, but have nothing to swing with. Plastic grazed with dirt and blood of what you saw through spikes. Falling down your back, your hands fill will aching pain to skin your hair and body back.

Marked by nothing and all to fake the way. Fall by nothing and fall into nothing. Nothing will skin into the downfall of life. Down you ached into me and questioned how to look and how to hide. What you need to know through holes of bone and nail to waste no time. Rings bend what you wished for with flashing light of yesterday. Years unknowing to never know and feel your pain to fall. You long to be next to someone without twisting your soul into the hated pain of how it was and paste your life for me in walls. Red skin pulsing, collapsing, reflecting the books and hating it is nothing. To wait and see it twist. Steamed in nothing, hating past it all to wax of broken dreams. For how of longing in shattered hearts and never glass your pain. Fabric, stretched, ripped and stained by bone and twisted skin of grey. You belt fighting yourself and never question how you felt to fall. Why does everything question why? You never kick to die to feel your life destroyed in fallen dreams. Those longing and broken ways to never hate yourself again.

Love left in light to a world twisted and trapped by hate. Faking the jacked up night following all. Keep grabbing the future, feel it ache. You long for nothing. You want to be forever. Down in between positions, waiting vicious hands collapse. Darting through your heart and eyes to fake and fall into him, he paced into the world. You once wished for all of everything. Photo frames snapped by broken hands in hating wake of life. Kept back, left sitting unknown. Paper tear and rip to face the rejected world you questioned your belief in. A thing of life drowned in all your hopes and hated into nothingness. Caps of face. Wooden pangs of pain kept running down. There it was done, a long jump back into the heel of all and failing to have hate. Crumbling cheeks of shined plastic bent in walls of rotting flesh. To jump into the world and feel it fall. Collapsing round your ankles of nowhere, to wait and face all and nothing at once.

Belts plastic fabric snapped, twisted and run into other hands of bones that wait. Knowing what will come if nothing fails to exist and nothing will be hated by all. Jump into the world by way of words on broken nights by nothing dreams. Doctored by way of night the seeming light collides with him. It faces all and nothing to fall into the world of far to be and bake you heart together with your soul. Minutes longing, failing, falling too fast towards the sky. How it feels to be and know jumping back it hates the world of yesterday. Days have past to where we are and never felt it go back into the light of how it once was. Knowing it would come to this to feel your soul collapse into me. Collapse into everything you hated into worlds and words of long past due. Pushed and fallen to the ground you ache in pain to rise again. Clamber to your feet and feel the world snap under weight. You kept coming back.

Deserving what you get it seems depends on the world that sees the light. Come back and face your heart broken. Faked into nothing jumping back into the world. Aching you collapse to swim, jacked by the great face of love. How did you know to wait and wake into the light of broken vicious hands? Chipped by frames etched and torn into your skin and fake it into the way it falls into the night. You wear in letters round your neck that twist the grain of wood that wished and fell to faces hard. You never wished and felt it ache, fallen into the dark; jumped into the light, and never wait you beat me. To shake and snap, snake your way through life in scars that scare and fake the darkness. How should it have been? Grains shaved by hands of how it was and never felt to fall. Far away it never should have been. It never would have taken in backing your control. Hated hand of fast it faked the night. Feel it fade away and down in deep depression you collapse. Time may face the kneeling grain of day, having to let you go and feel you locked heart cope with nothing but the deserved soul. Nothing done is good there, and nothing will be done to fall. It will never fake your heart into the hands of all who die.

Hold back into the light, feel its seams to heart break in distance fall. To wait and know nothing will come. Do not pretend why you saw me, there to sit in your eyes to stare. There seeing your reflection in the mirror of yesterday but now it breaks, shattered around your ankles to fall around your neck. Jaw smashed into the wall and break night fire to burn your soul from your eyes and feel you lie in nothing. Will eyes for never take the way it shall be done? Skin pulled tight over your face and feel it pulse under your hands of long nowhere, no time. Let dawn grow facing the world and bending ground shall wrap around you and hold you until you wish it to stop. Forward to move and backwards to face the nothingness. It hates aching you to lie and face the world and never fail to keep it going back into the life of all it sees. Laugh at me and see your face fall into disrepute. Respect the age of yesterday and today will come to you and sit and fake the world to fall in nothing. Night shows light and shakes the breaking heart of how it will never face the jail of him to me. Framing metal down in heat to burn the soul of fire face for nothing will become. Weeping acid tears tearing through your heart and skin to never feel and fight the word of how it should have been. Becoming of everything you represent you fall in waking night.

Able to show the world in a better twisted light of yesterday and faking all that never was. You jump into the darkness, reflecting the plastic light of all that holds you. Try to face it and never fail to make it whole to break your heart in shattered life. Latch on to person for nothing to fear of falling hard on quiet ground. Sunk deep in soul for see there it is nothing held, nothing gained to lose it over again. Fingers bent straight on your heart, twisted soulless face holding you back to die in a shameless night. Failing to pass it all by and see it collapse towards the sky of broken dreams, created by the eyes that never fail to see it pass in distance life to sake. Travelled over the world and back to fall into the wake of life begun. To hold on to everything and lose the way it should be, uncontrolled, never held. Is it helping you to take and see if life shall be whole to you? I took my life from you. Faced it far to make the way, you saw it collapse around me in all and nothing. In hating you I wished it would stop but believed you never walked in distance from the past to see.

Never shall the word be told of how your questioned heart to soul. You broke the way it looked to be in falling face for destiny. Pouring aching into the world of darken light shall be before; you took all and shaped it round to help you in your goal. Covered over in dirt and dust, forgotten by all who fail to see. But there you lie recognised by a world that did not know you. Trapped into the wooden box of worms, to eat and destroy at you. Knowing how the lies shall be told to question in your face of how it walks away. Love brings you back here to mine, but your destiny will not be entwined with anything you wish to do. Beaten, fallen fast towards the ground, smashed in eyes long unseen. You never felt what you understood and failed to understand. For there it twists and turns in life and falls towards your soul of mine. In pains and pulses fast to take the world of how it was and lead me back to you. To see you fall and die again.

Paper held at your hands and life runs like sand between your fingertips. Hanging tips of holes framed into your skull, pinned against the wall you look at me and wish. Jump out from me and feel the wrath of nothing fill your soul twisting and curved by life of how it feels to never understand. Dripping water running through a broken tap of yesterday that never took the loneliness you past to him away. Coast of life flown to him and face the world you saw in your dreams. Taken back it cannot feel you dreaming next to me and feel you lie alone. Cracks start to show and faked by nothing in falling ground you long up into the sky. Pass me by in destiny and fake your smiling face at me. Words unspoken into the jailed filled eyes of curved faces, now unknown to never fake the way the world should lie on him and me. Saved by forward thinking you questioned why it took so long to never walk away in forward dreams. Broken into the wasted life of how it should never have faced him there, longing for everything to stay next to him. Voting hard to break your soul and face it all in trees of love past to him. There you wait to never hate the darkened mood of that which falls on your heart, your soul. Spinning the world questions into broken nights of promised lands; you take over everything you wished for and broke the mould of what was there to understand. The time took long to pass away and there you sat tall. Understood by passing eyes a life would fake the ruling heart you wished would bring your demise. You wish to never die.

For every step it seemed another breath was needed another waking moment would split in two and form a reality unknown to us. Hours passed to figure out the dismal truth of his existence. If he had to wish he never would and should not have to live no more. To know you are not living or dying. To know you will have to watch the world fall but you will survive. What choice do you have when you cannot die? He made his face full and fast of pulsing skin again. To be alone in the world, his world; he failed to take his existing life further and back to change the chances. Needing to help, to be involved. Waiting, not knowing, it's driving me insane. Needing and wanting beyond all wants to be close to her. Help her through this. Protect her from his darkened gaze of hating all it fades to nothingness again. To guide him and her back to take it over. Never long to gaze at all, now it is gone back to him.

Creative blood past to travel nowhere. There in stomach pains movement, falling away. Fast fallen aches, shaking fingertips on twisted bones in the cold. Word waking footsteps with wind falls through torn knuckle branches that twist. He waits for her, for me again. Tear in the darken time aches as bright light shadows follow him and fall to bring about the chance of change. Watching how life and tender skin falls floating through the sky. Ache baked back is holding clouds in around you to fake your heart to him and me. Sunlight longing to shatter in two and fall against the window of sands that once was there, and never shall be taken back to life again. Paper shimmering in glazed eyes that never felt your soul collapse. Dark the world into the way you feel it never took control until you died in my life. My eyes and hers.

Tripping hair chained as covering prickled paper hands try to travel back along the path unknown. Wandering band stride forward with legs snared and trapped by wolves hating to fall. Sorry for everything you put him through and knew the face was long past him and backed away for ruining everything. Tired, scared, alone he falls; aching, hating and waiting for the darkness. Needing to be who is there but unable to find myself. To ask you why but needing to know how long it will take, how long it will seem to be. Before it is you and he to take, to ask to lead me, help me, protect me.

Why does it fall?

Why does it fall away?

The time lost in aching, hating to be again, you sit looking at me. You stare the stare but still nothing happens. She needs to see you, to breathe you, to smell the sweet scent of your hair but you back away from her, from me. Aching when he turns away from you, in hating all you embody and show. Protection of her in twisted list of love to never be yours again. You fake your heart to know why it happened? For every time you ask me what is going on never can answers flow from his lips again. For all who ask me why to act this way, there is nothing, which can be said to him or her about me. Do not shout or fake your twisted smiles, for life can see through everything that once was never taken back. To him the words scream go away and leave the distance of how it never became. Back of words to shake your heart. Feel you like the paper skin torn and ripped in tearing blood of flowing faces sick of destiny. Scaling hated waking moments you never took it back. Tied in eyes of shimmering light again to fake the world. To feel you would never hold on and never feel again in distance nights of how it should begin to wait for him.

You stood there knowing he could not do it but something was still driving me to face her life again and jump. Jumping forward, taking the step towards the edge and never being able to turn around. Edge falling, weight collapsing feeling the ledge tremor, he would never have a choice. Another step to break and fake your heart to long again to sit and feel you fall. Weightlessness for the briefest of moments until my body hit the ground. Your heart collapsed around his, around mine, never was it back again until you saw the words etched into soul, mind and eye. The time will pass in fallen faces hard struck beyond your questioning tones of never felt or fallen forward. You can curve and twist but never hide from the words of control.

The memories of it were still fresh. There were moments her hand would stroke across the scar and the incident would flash before her eyes like it was happening again. Failing to forget, trying to work into the distance and never being able to turn your heart around. Wanting to forget, knowing it would be easier to fake a normal eye again. Trying to forget your lips on his skin, soft on the forehead of the broken dreams. Kissing him goodbye you wished it to fall but nothing came of it. Nothing happened in that day. Sands ripping at your touch as your hands fall on mine, on hers, on his. Clocks ticking by the hours flowing floating into the night and passing back again into the darkened sky. You look and feel. Whispered words watching me in hidden moonlight question dreams. Words formed in you to take away and face the light of how it should be broken in your eyes again. Four words towards the dark and back towards the dark. Taken away from all that seems. But no one. No thing. Nothing will come. Nothing will be. Nothing.

Silent words unknown to him in distant lights of fallen dreams, you come to him and speak less. Written by a scrawling hand of trees and flowers smashed in glass. Shallow minds combined with forever young are mentally destroyed by all it hate to be. Past into forever and fall to him, collapsing in ground again. Clean slate to trap him by and fail against the odds of him to her and them to me. Laughter fills the air, in voices write to rip the teaming face ached in pain, drown in hollow words of spoken less than hate. Forever fallen lands unparted broken by shallow thoughts of you. To never feel against your heart and beat, dying skin to piece with your mind. Air blown away by passing lips of fallen dreams in a nightmare state. To feel your heart rip from your soul and back against your dying face. You left me in forever landing. Half to say goodbye to him and feel your love rip from your soul twisted in a broken dream. Memories rise from your skin like twisted snakes buried in the sand, you try undone to move but lose your heart in the battle. Words worked into movement, followed by your love to understand how feeling comes and what will take over, controlling everything to fall.

Tinted design of all and work to feel it come and smash your mind. Collide in traffic by your thoughts, destroyed by never ending hated dreams. To take all given and give away to feel your heart depart from here. Know to return is unknown to him. She falls but now he is gone. Scribbled woods of words unlatched to hate and feel again like nothing coming from the mind of a broken man. You questioned all and nothing, the way of past behind him. Viewpoints change by passing time of how it was to never pass away. Or how it never became. Swirls of landscape. Ground collide. In how it dreamt of him before. Flesh burnt from soul in fading hearts as past words were told. Travelled back to the distant value of have. Pushed back behind him to never peel everything you hold down to you. Pouring your heart and feel it back against your soul. Words presented to all that follows and fakes you down to fall apart. Dying to flesh a heart parted back by heart for what you took. Never backed away alone from him. Hiding to fake your interest in my mind.

Downpour your heart, rips open and falls on him in a darkened state. You took over the way of plastic lives to fake a way of how it never was alone again. You took over everything and passed away. You write words to speak but no one will ever hear. Hair twisted back behind you and pulled back along the way. How it could have been again? It never felt you lying there next to hold on back and feel it come. Back, pushed away into the flesh. Faced in night dark heavenly light that glowed into the way. See it pass away. Blacked out life for no one left to view. Feel it fake him to wake and twist away from never passing long time past. Followed first writing and sequence to fake the serial passing measure. Twisted travels of back faced skin, flesh fallen down and laced back your head to heart. Perhaps it will be for him to use it, take it back, use it, and try to take back another. To walk back towards the edge. Creative blood left to fall and ledges snap under foot. Down depressed in agony, fallen face and destroyed. Skin falls ankle to foot and neck back to heart. Brick faced staring at the empty look of how it fell away. Insults in personal thoughts of hair skinned, unshaped on level heads of failing. Crazy heart ripped through to fall on him and lie. He walked away to fade and die. How nothing longed back to form the collapse in walls and die alone.

How soon will it fall away when you face him?

Is now to soon for nothing to occur?

Past long back of how it never walked, trapped. Back turned to hide a face of fear you felt burnt in a twisted soul. To fake it past a falling life of never.

Trauma wrapped around your soul, you wear it back to never ache again. He passes how far it falls and never questioned back against your eyes. You walked along the distant path and showed me how it fell away against your life. Taken to how you never seemed and faked your face against the flesh of skin. Pulled away. Ripped and torn. Destroyed and destine for never more will you fall pass long back against your heart. Trapped against a soul left to die in the world of shame and feel the darkness in his eyes, locked to your face like fallen pain. Trapped in everything you knew, heart unseen to take away every word you spoke to me. Cracks appear through darkened cloud, light shimmering on your skin in his eyes. Unknown to you. Unable to see the truth, the words hold. Have they made it truth?

To see it over again and fall back by him. It never made my hour come. Ringing passes over ears like lips and eyes fall down in shame. To keep your hand. Head to carry on. To feel in pain a love unknown to him it fakes by in distant thoughts. What should have come and will fall over his mind again? How trees uncoil wrapped by twisted hands, unknown to fake the fallen hours of life. To die by him and lift your pain over and round to follow your mind and see it collapse around her to make it happen. Rustled hands of foil metal fall, back by him in eyes of yesterday. Words spoken by the silent man.

Universe to spot the hands collide around your soul again until you lie destine for nothing and all to occur. Leaves to him branch out over the ground. Landscape twisted inside to dance the light away. Evil faces fail to fall but nothing comes unlike your heart again. Twisted hands fake your mind to be unknown and collapse to him. Death to die and live, in twisted hated soul of a fallen mask, his damaged skin. You part in carriage back by that it shall be over you. When you ask to fall, what happens as you passed in love to him and her to fall? There you die, finally escaping him. I will follow, in vowing never to leave you alone. Laughing as we watch him fall back into his nightmare dreams. He cries. We cry together, trying to forget the past.