Allison Boast

Crazed Dawn

Breath eased chest lines marked to place the words, whispered in lifeless schemes of nothing. I wait in life and view the distance fell by the way; by the moments and the time to fall shaken in places I wished to cry. You are going to fight, stand tall and face them but nothing said can make this lie hope to wait. You shake the distant memories you wanted remembrance to line. Far moments for it took, it fell, and light stomped clear of faith in the speechless workless eyes. Flow, less way it has taken moments shaped and shaken moulded to blame the fire of fire dreams of life without you calm. I tell you I will destroy but nothing I do seems to chance, seems to find the place it should protect. I never took it by the light of hallow weight, you shall. I beat the ground with stick wood break and fall down to face the darkness shaped waiting time of how it was to be. I ask the light of fire burn to down on what I wanted felt to show the scorn. The burns of light that take over and shape the fallen life took in him by fake smoke to twist come far apart, grabs and locks hold to you.

Smudged lines perfection water wasted away of forms far never more became. I asked of what I was that day and never felt the twisted bones of pain access my scarless skin, destroy precious memories life scars reform to pass the way you left your mind. Make the seconds live in darkened face in blackened room of all you were to me. Eye fetished words import and see travelled subject beaten, shaken undone to every face that day. Long minds of him in passing days fallen down past shallow wait for twisted body death. Weather wasted widows face nothing, ground to body stolen, ground to mind undone. Bliss lost minds at shallow words lasted back in aching hair torn, breast ripped lifeless feats of her behind him. You ask but I lie in days of years yesterday longed to hold. The rotting life in pain you smashed my mind and chipped my heart in stream of memories. Eyes ripped to stare the empty rotting mind of life I left in dying death of brain. Now I fall. Now I cease to be. Lips blue in eyes of death in all I had to never feel you near me, hate me, in all I hate of myself. Ghost voices whispered by weathered waiting sheets, shaped still sentence of the body mouth, moved to slight of face around. Seven hours pass in waiting mightless nights, in seeing every loss nothing more was done. We are the history of yesterday taken under view, shaken in mind’s eye, pushed away to hate and collapse. Minutes were lost at shallow bounds forced to control never filled with worthless wordless dreams, overtaken in mind, whilst waiting mightless questions hold. He took control and walked over the darkened face of past gone dreams. Skin fabric wrenched, linked to ink circles clinging to eyes meant for simple view. Rock shattered burns break death in me, over shaken skin soft but lined with aching mind as my eyes arms tear.

You felt heart lost in moments based under life. Fingers reached and tore, ripped from you. I took words shown I wanted to snake life around, fall tail to make screams heard. Going from time to shaken minutes lost, vision depth held in all you took of him. There in passing minds create skin silk burned acid into stained bubble red, until hands fell. Stroke gentle past in life ghost, you waits no more to be. Break back life in hand bone twist to skull and slide of hair torn dead. Float pale grazed veins find to phallus face. Blade drawn, scratched edge eased as drops rise free and fall to stain. Caress touch lost in eyes of hair spun to fingers whilst minds are lost around your memories. Desperate over jumped body stolen, you were shaken by rocks shunned, by power cared you left and followed the skin silk soft. Touch lost tingle dead folds, creases, retracts to move. Keep in line with nothing, tears stream over broken face. Lost. Wash burn host for mourn; see miles to find trapped sense of senseless means. Beats tick wander less in mind to be, in mind to graze red from pale. Drawn ghosts hold, touched by a melt look scatter formed. Fade back in your side. Fall back in your hope. Forget. Caged fly words of will don, rough touch to tickle mirror shook by eye’s death stare. Reflection caught twisted mounds fall to rise. Show memory fold to fold undone and fall to mind of dot brown move. Rest head to sane for craze dawn waits. Shaken marks weep kill and down nothing rips flowed blood.

After you the words wait be one, moves light to see and darkness falls to bar. Nails tear deep flesh left to bear scorn from grip less veins. Wrinkle bones shade with face for nothing, face for loss. Cut down scars, line skin’s wall. Smudge star sparks for lobe lean locks of life. Black dust falls and skin crease twisted lines form. Joke away from me. I never wanted what was eye’s stare. Take me back to where I was before, to walk far from you, feet move to chain lost key. Take ghost steps to emptiness, faceless memories of trips to drip filled woods of mark formed skies. Dead grazed poll mind to stick back for traced words halt senses moved. Cast green dust over hair torn to mask first lost carve breast. You forget that time is seasoned, raised in eyes you stared at, lost your mind and came out falling. I saw the glare fix numb to body mute and handle lip skin dry to rot in slice through scar’s tear. Shelter hinted you just to move but pressed your bones to snap. Half dance aches and flow body lost to death field freeze.

I winter look and fingers ice to break, kill version lost in high care water. Feel scratch grain lines print there to have held far wise to lie. Going, you take moon and twist sun to dark skied dare. I watch as skin rubbed soft on gentle way, you lose your heart to bear feel man to walk. Tremble, shaken collides open world to rock movement shown on hands. Night closed to thank words whispered over you lips and past your hearts to give. I pulse my mind down to body stolen, to hold mask lost felt to torn away. Trapped to graze knees I waste my luck on you. Age find tar to wrinkle twist and bend joints to act the life. Mouth just locked as tongue tested teeth to twitch alone, but made worst was you just before.

Tie summer lost through days in blazon heat to rot. Mean just race to hold lost in light to walk in distance ages move. Tree trapped abandoned in eyes left to stare and no one watches people die. Keep your skin in grace death moulded in broken words you thought I would understand. Amaze in catch fell to joke the woken hours and bend body full to shape your way. Quick last far made to form and feel how words are screamed through breath panted lies. Stone sand caught in wind wound through sky less stars that shine on nothing. I will run, like a way on side I will see the sky but know freedom fire burns to scorn. Joint twin to save valley in front of found words, which flowed ankle deep to stain. Bound more to walk speak before framed twist back burnt to hate. Shame more to lie in wish watered falls to live life held before you. I hoist tell liken laughter, must grit in kiss lips bitten mate. Fast flow excreted and shamed the world you long to keep locked.

Grave my safe line walk to me. Stare to mark love lost in how you became. Nothing none to deal shape milk breast falls to teeth tear grip. You lost light trance rock to mist skies sun in hour’s dawn. Gone vast rain smattered on clock under they to hold him there, in you lies ground. Cast shadow down on just forget free throw rot, to hold skin flesh born in arms. Dust fall death in fires for tone right made broken hands shame. Skin nips soft in teeth, bites turn to sharp ripped clear to grind blood. Glass fat cold tip stirs bold pills to hint at same jailed moments. I mauled your shaken body, as tears rolled from skin ducts cry. Words echo from throat laid tooth born to taste iron swallowed. Itch red burnt skin knuckles gave raised will barred to hate face from morning light.

Lapse tore bone from spine fingers nailed motion in mind to look left in ears spoken words you could not hear in shouted whispers that lock laugh in track. Cry. Wish. Hold. Life will help give best moan over and stake him to how it felt. Fast out trail list broke man to you. I lost pain in body held, in movement aches to twist. Get at hill lift and fallen stumps edged bloodless poured. Pulse paced to blow, blown his break to be forever seen in me. I want watched eyes to sit and veer reflect the rejected motion on outer lines to grip in myself. Sparks cause trembled fingers deep to rich words bent by pore to dirt. Weathered skies on sand full drill link you to guard to make. Spring spine ball best to thank nothing, nothing holds to shape and over gang gagged rocks it heals.

Space grown in tree pattern our past held lost life in grass sky moves. Shame shapes to how we know you can scar. Thunder tear and rip as sky lines fall past clouds. I hold you in arms and watch as head drops to sleeping lean. I hear your cries in silent nightmares, in words you refuse to whisper but now shout in ears. Far orange tints join ground left in shaken shapes in grease moved right to hold. Back taken life in blood can fusion right to contain, can keep first wrist to waste and fall to ground as body sighs. Give up your night to me and hold arms locked to neck chained in shackles rubbed in body dirt. Sweet smell of love in air and as carried mind to grip it rattles down from stolen looks of hope. You define nothing in all you took and show your mind in skin lined words of books saved from the dawn. Knocked out by door less waved fingers over shattered skin scratched to bleed. Light dance and fall in puddle scored under him you turn and watch as life saw seconds burn.

Candle flames dance in moonlight shone and cast shadows over body arms of you. Trap salt tears that roll down cheeks and mix with blood to stain. Rub eyes to meet, hands to score and life to fight feat less water quakes. Push grade to graft ground to help with bound falls in risk. I watch over you as each day turns and bodies twist free again. Pain screams from face and I can only look to holding you, look back at losing you and watch as our bodies meet. Meld my skin to fit with yours in line to last travel head to move the base to hope ready fallen. Worry gave to hands that tore and decayed rot to skin lies, but I watch knowing you will draw threat to health. Born to take mind and left heart to shape, I will guard guiding you to hold. To voice power of storm dust grained brick to fall on shoulders bare. Wheel barred to hate value lost to words held in spirit mind to give. Come with me and feel power in all you held by love in eyes I will walk. Swirl light to born bray protest in con to move grain in shattered words. Changing water liquid shapes framed to lock cries in shouted from body dead. Burn heart to stain as combined skins twist meet to form joint shake to carve life in hands.