Evening at Marine Drive

The dark clustered nipples of half-submerged stones,
Shine in the bulbous twilight, watching
Being slapped, splayed by a metallic Arabian sea

The sole sun will soon return to the sea's expectant womb
And close quietly the mouth of the sky
And free the anonymous stars from their tombs

This venomous human sewage
Spewed daily into a patient motherly sea
Will confuse the fish, perhaps give them minds,
And force human dreams down their innocent eyes

Along the tarmac spine of the road
A convoluted string of metal cars
Are running even faster than time
If only time got stuck in a cosmic traffic jam

So many friends and strangers at the edge of the swelling sea
[one can no longer tell the difference for all you will see]
Cram corn and peanuts into their bursting stomach bags
And now the bile of their dreams will overflow one day
With so many objects sunk in their seas

Night windows like fish eyes blink
Alternately with traffic lights, neon boards
And car horns
Some strange music is being created
Before this world's end goes to sleep