In the Cities by the Sea

In the cities by the sea
A strange love is gathering marine dust
The rusted fish trawlers and their puzzled fishermen
Watch the cobalt storm eat the sea
That will grow over the lands
In a silent plague
Run through the blood splattered floors,
Paan stained iron windows
In second class compartments
Of sleepwalking trains

In the cities by the sea
An old telephone call glides
From memory, a cold breeze
From the Bay of Bengal
Punctuating the sound of vacant buses,
Nursing the nocturnal streets

A short promise hinges at the sea cliff
Caught in brown weeds, asparagus and
Villainous hints of plankton
It slaps out the salt waves
And looks to escape to the distant desert sands

The noon sun makes tired love
To the cities by the sea
Concrete homes are losing their floors
Thoughts and visions are melting
And all the keys have lost shape
The yellow crusty maps are lost

Now there's nowhere to go,
No worlds to see
Except a strange rotten marine love
In the cities by the sea