Jeff Hilson

5 stretchers

. . .on the way to the cleve
lands and the bloom fields
(this then the end of long
division) poe has she has
been charmed by please
buy an cat or dog food
what what kind of days
thinking of our spaniel kitty
kitty kitty
helps you with 7
days a week helps you 55
days in pell-mell helps you
once upon a time (well do
you) if not pull if so part
then you will see the tall
thin ladies they are lookout
they are unfinished they
will make a comeback as
heart's desire (mainly were
whispering I am lost in this
book) and then the flood
came along which he liked
(it was my country cousin
caught up with curtis (doris)
doris in the dock-road mostly
aged 5 danced a queen strut
through the cluster block
to the lifting bridge its soffits
gently curved and there
danced a quarter round with
the rough-&-toughs (uprights
of silos) where she sang the
one about pouring on water
for a barrel of pears. . .