. . .this is part two licking it
in the mixer-courts (this is
mini-milk this is calippo
this is twister) stopping here
here and here they fan out
for tessa who is lost in the
volute (she moves through
the fair & she moves through
the field or she was a runner
she was a strayer (password
french entry no this is not
a dance its a france like all
the others turn turn turn (we
often find them near the
finger jetty di-style (repeat
I've these counter-rounds
as are all ding-dong all day
long dinging the life and
work of bar tracery (strike
out for what I say of him
he was twice rolled in the
dirty hole in the morning
he was a tree a pretty picture
a dogtrot that he was a little
one that he was called a little
one (arrival whitish he says
he was from none-other &
then-away) & that it extends
in length by rapid jerkings
to and fro & that it pointed
upwards & that they fancy
that foxe gawdy & hatton
as twisted again. . .