District Line Project
— Barking

Loxford Park run–down
                                                 &ndash cross country –
                                                                                             South Park to Barking

        Strip Shot

This facility/
                  is a decommissioning
                  an emphasis

   you Sexy Thing

                                     of fragments

      scrap board announcement

its up to all of us

                   on their 'used to be much here'


display function

                                        the exhibitionist Barking & Dagenham

                                           local  local local

        a 'keep on livin' in'

    a true Aladdin's grotto squint
                  tramps and hoe hoe hoes


         message board

bolted &mdash left right & centre right
                             exo–carapas as it occurs

a pile–up of organic matter

                     that'll (will) show


a show–inside

metaphysical rubbish – this is away unfinished

         in almost present participle, with/and/with a not–here – a DogStarMan

ask it

    – do it now!

prize line and public–hero tail–bit

         keep on

               a pile–up of organic
                                                             memory & matter

                         of Barking & Dagenham

Now All Of You

East Street
                              – level 1


          tsse   tsse    tsse   tsse

slam, bolt down, wire in, screw–bolt
        dead–weight, bham bham

shut    shut    shut    shut

                         Now All Of You

               whip– round picturesque

                 yes, its all about the imposition of the old urbanality
                the subversion of Old Barking and
         the division of functionality

                 the new and the new

Now All Of You
          (and all of you)