New challenges and ideas. Contradictions
cut with glass, ways to exceed expectation:
these two strangers should definitely meet.

Fame is a spiral of meaning and thought;
discarded newspapers and forgotten science
the key to making things. An escape artist

hangs above the audience in a moment
of upside-down crucifixion. Time swings
him like a pendulum towards freedom —

he will wriggle his way into the future
and emerge rubbing back the circulation
in his arms. Illusion cannot be clear cut.

Neon lights up the world here, sequences
of numbers between slabs of stone and
steel frames: shelters not for sheltering.

Our contradictions are broken glass; we find
ways to change fixed opinion. Hidden keys
and tricks of light lead to bigger shows,

where Mario Merz and Harry Houdini co-star.
Fiction is fact and fame is hope kept alive.
In the glass igloo day is always with you.