I hardly see the usual language.
Our current situation is the result
of these very words themselves!

One is entitled to take false steps,
they is the myth of the cultural
lighting ways to be elsewhere.

No chronicler could take his feather
without leaving for the flight of it;
but often he will not say it. Me,

I say it without voice opening out
because always in front of the eyes
there is nothing to occupy the spirit.

You speak about what I listen to,
seek to try include and understand.
It is precisely what one should not do,

we gains nothing. It is remarkable,
improvisation during this one hour
does not answer your any question.

Deposit hope of rationalization
along with understanding in the cloak
-room and let you grab the intuitive:

smell of washing powder in the alley,
along with passion flower. Cellophane
and newspaper, chipped thermos flask.