When colours left politely, one first you next
please after you before white manages black
again on the next odd mantel thrown, incurious
as last dunked we and together on the opposite side of
faces smothered in one that keeps below a saffron globe
guttering for a favourite certain expression run,

all the days apart into sheer dwelling can tend,
that's tarmac with a view to cement delivered up,
light without preference fanned indulgently overhead,
debouched toward something even your scope won't stretch
to, though for less I love the first shimmer of you
refreshed for me exclusively be worth the climb,
beyond the downs excellence imagined home
and dry by the hour I searched for it in your eyes:

that was the happiest I recall entering
the final part so confused it might always
have been just this, fearful of the merest suggestion
now settling round the rim more than
any other form it assumes a brilliance content
to be shared longer if you ever had the chance.