Under an Index’s Charm You Can
Surround Me, Don’t Mention it

    went and came
with evening's readiness
            dividing them,
    and nights spill stuffed
    to the throat with purple,
though sanguine along the vein
            we bound them
    stripped to a gesture
            so maiden

Rise up hills that you
    and me
    adorning motions
zealous as a layby
    for one maintains
across nightly scuffles
            with its kind,

Fixed where
            none appear
            to fare without
    to take off along beams
            languishing by way
of a refusal
            and rigid
mount assurances

On to carry like rolling
stock for who prepared
            to risk it all

Coasting over
    the leaden relief of skies
that closed
    above mouths of you and me
in bleached fabric suspended
    as long as I suppose.