Conditions fixed by hand accumulate what
responsibility shapes how right how just
                     get polymorphous, I am
other than this and forward of that which is
terminal would say so infer agency
                     favourite edges, counter
gratification; the literature suggests
focal lengths to go furiously useful
                     on a promise and your arse,
                     showing promise and you know
alternating approaches apparatus.
                     Direct qualification
happens to shock from reminder, between fringe
and sticky movements each element of mouth
                     stages; particular lips
interminable unlikeness emblems next,
here and there are no big surprises a lie
                     covers neatly lick it up.

                     Around then, the riding proof
manuscript fastened with palimpsest artic-
ulation is stitches after several yards
                     making an attempt, you are
noisy beautiful transitional measure
twice and cut once traditions; an unequal
                     approach balances token
ontic dumps on one hand wishes the other
had fuller authorship abreast of power,
                     charges, switches clean my face
for use or something obviously I do.
                     Now intermediate note
changes from phase to normal space, over tight
script and fluid tongue in position in back
                     at familiar actions;
what pleasures are rounded characteristics
come intertwined and lit, suggest a taste for
                     is found unusual difference.