Who might this be, then
a breath, then if not alone
attend to the people song:

they communicate over
distances, close in-
ward orders of reflection,

not unlike we, crystallize
consummate patterns facing
out on frozen air.

Guarded moments listened to
sent through quartz, most difficult
variant practised

and concentrated,
the profound whales sounding seas
oscillations, far away

in an atmosphere lit with
electron transfer,
static electricity.

Entanglement completed
conduction surface
effects, what was behind was

amethyst, was meant to mean
encountered a shape explained
why desirable:

facets, refracted,
reflected meaning produced
light, waves describing a point.

Trembles nakedly
near the information and
into another long call

for understanding here is
some other place to be charged
by friction, amber

its implicit quality
makes, matches, narrates
attraction at a distance.

But for an absolute not
like, this ringing starts
from gold to purple to ice,

confused that is con-
fused together, structural
underpinning resonance

not known unknown and resolves
assume a final face, the
contrivance is plain.

Once in place value contained
thought quality or set up
wonderful machines,

notated their harmonized
presences stranger
every time they came around,

and towards evening
emerged glinting with hints of
passages out, many times.