Niall Quinn

Phlebas IV


lake architectured out of music then a clown in mother's dress
orphan instigated in the rush of bearing.

Say the outskirts of a village are sodden with obvious gold
                                       heaped on a silent height where
                                       old smoke seethes upwards windless
Instant relentless talk overheard, a brief on silence, on wars
Or scores marble over chins foliated ash explains the dirty
laxative day from the tired eyries glimmer of song, female
lighted against a beachheads hole.
                                       Bones mallet arrowed over breath carried
                                       uphill signalled car painted grass and
                                       hove-to sea.

             the cut breeze honed limpid bird
             resting on telegraph pole startling
             sun retreating
             what gift in the windless smoke edging

             meticulous drawl advancing
             in the green time seeding cloud

sealing exodus of voices sealing eyes in the fecund bright

holding retracted glitter of surf pushing bodies over stone in the
rose-lined arbour's ejection of fruit for jarred children puling

sentried graft exudes sempeternal music linking fallows?
         Love is emptied in water &

         stalks uphill static earth's breathless turning
         reddened on better weather old woman speaks
         what blond and bristle hair declaims.
withering this place noted fires note returning liquid blonder
chilld returns from hill and shale kinetic floor waiting. limping
overjoyed catapults the chair painted artifact or screen executive
solicitous leaving prizes controlling mist:- busy pursuit of
intention squabbles overtones
what would be cartilage on a sea's exuent :

warried father speaks domain. Gun in the static winter of
freights indiscriminate birds
loaded blossoming chair just speaks in the dark further
dissemblance, heads oldman off in cloud opening : horse canter
by window dilates figure of early spring breaks, listens to
engines fretted youth careers inconsiderate place recollects jibe
scripted bark scene repeats intrepid river skipped beaten dog
rested Jangling Dying Hieratic. Heaped on height the old smoke
seethes windless upward clipped burden comes to shore. Or
scores marble over chins dirty laxative day from tired eyrie's
glimmer of female lighted in beachhead's arc.

                Are narrow streams in the kingdom blessed & the white
                buffets fleece ? stirs elevator lived vesicle ergo ?

Super cathecetical draws a nine zero in the sand
                                                   grace packed high
Exhausted fellows ride in borrowed motor car.
Lint isolate the wound and touch skin.
                               tied, evacuate, inconsiderable alplace.
Fathers speaks the day resides epherial
resigned incoagulative form truced body a room occupied trip.

Weather potion trained to bear
stand wrought prolix to stand. And maybe that amen.
Figure screens :