:not by the grace of extinctions recall
transgressions malted necropolis than the nod of grass in fugitive
winds nor repetitive liaisons from the card hanging sensory piles
atrociously on the patterened skies disturbed invisible entourage
freshened in the dream are times original boots
eaten/hailed/sexed/misachieved/allianced/vindicated in
madness or the beyond/beyond love's transfigured while:

:the laughing tragedian the one of always parting eats weeping
children hoisted rhetoric breed squeezed
lights on weaved visceral
sandspit over seas translucent barter wheeled / prophesy roots
condemned clean contrained commerce barred present orations /
them exist bones mislaid munificent labour obedient lieutentant
heaved. Abraham buried seasons become days hurdle found
wood — therefore pustule wrecked of all dazzled edges mysterys
mouths (meanmouth) again wreathed cannibals flattened on my

what will be your tach or fail mourning hidden on the high
remembered sky july on the beach overtaken piss and farts the
remaining entry scunted.

             Why dress this crooked face?
              till all epithets exhaust the marl.

              What rhetoric must exceed it?
               no herb is wrought more jealous than ancestrys
               teeth and broth the pismiric bearing of caulk to harbour
stubs out Sundays grabs a hand
   Sweats a

  locked off snarled lip
  his music lips tight
  . . nosed breath ontological

The face stubs out Sundays grabs a hand
  sweats glints and overcoated strides inland
unannounced, heaps solitude overground peoples bed
  sadly ashore keeps blessèd throttle downhill
the fucked-up spirit crashes trees where else
  tao tickles bottom split
   licks paper wherever got a window looking out.
   Brief study on apocryphal industry abroad I would.
   Warried fathers issue amen.

A limp grandarm closed for a year rises to basses screening
giant details associate revelation free enhance dawn
christening blended wholes exhibited wooden oceans.
cue the golden baryon
driven over revolution
canal skeffington shot somewhere the
place is portobello & what ever-ready lock? Monkey
smear promises : time lifts recognition out of place
abuses music, suffices logic still the scape of the chair
curtain closed over open door the
small of milk off oldman just remonstrance with
fiddled eyes locked on lips on eyes only now extreme apotheosis
dense complement accelerated cancer-schooled filler flesh
approbate craft outbrunt hour seraphic fly. Two runners
past this stile. Alien summer.

Screaming yellow healing barque iron in distant heaved
(subject to wind educative list goes by)
(while it may be hurtling downhill onerturns)
                                god rest us
                                hearing slight
                                spits arboretum

   hie thee on thy way
   concert anarchio
blitz trails innuendo peaceladen

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

        Rutted feet negotiate to the fore.
        Levelled poster at foot of heart
        back resting cought seismis shift if : fellows braked wheel
        at edge of sea resting redsunned at heel almost had
        key at door wooden hole. . . .
                                     thick end of brush peeps slow
                                     anywise great time/
                                     amens have curse
                                             Intervene harrow wraps white morning/so
                        Seeking hollow outcast ? Blond/brown in motor
car describes hollows is said —
heated brown is death moving house
curled lip transparent screen children paranoui chekhov
curtains trail noise stuffed exit loved violin.