whit board dreaming -- convalescent personas, she grew cacti and hated still netting
inward the mystics heaving memeroids, paltry incremental knowledges spilt with blood
on a straw
boxed and botoxed zipped petrol hair clumps love
carbolic women playing passes
between my pet Economy fed with coming parts and a smear of lithium for 
the usual use of space

                          fragile filo smirks

sweet little money in a cage
it was first love and it bit
growing and growing with nylons
and a carbuncular nostril frosted
wailing, but where has all the money gone
monkeys in a birdbath play red and black out the windows

PD entrepreneur classes
fought shit out of pillowcases today
the animals are unconcerned
if quizzical, fish gulp gulp
the politicians’ bathhouse is greased to
go tits up ladies
a rabbit hops to the fence and stares
jet Fridays and carburundum morns tickling grass