tapeworm she cherish eyeless need spills opened fish heart
beats it beats flesh cuttles into voided primaries eviscerate
urgency of selfish head turning from side to side in search
of breast or bread starve it and cauterise with fire and salt
justice pushed through a slug’s arse leaving trails sliding
to the intimate unresolved negative sucking vortex spurls
soft fabric a tight coiling inside hers need killing with
hystrionic reckless disappearance mutating into a bed an
opened sash that stick the lyrical up your tiny heart beats
haemorrhoid recticles of emotion in a salt sea of ego-you
mirrored and mirrored again as a childish méconnaissance
woman reigns down curses in the outside circle tingeing
laced soils without solace fuck the rain and roses laid below
buried alive: suffocating flicker: no feeling outside you