The idea after seeing a machine,
after weaving, the cutting of grass,
of cast iron and feature (reel),
mechanisms mounted in wheeled
frames, blades close to the lawn
gear or chain, and grass
by means of ratchets, petrol
and small steam, a cutting (or blade)
on a bench, a cloth to make
power to the cutting overall,
sizes and with minor
grasses often coarser
than elsewhere.

The nap of velvet,
of overgrown grass at home
in most neighborhoods, a slight
depression, listening to reports
along all walks (of meaning),
the best thing would be a horse,
those whispering blades
of the yard, the real secret
about the world in hardware
stores across America, seed
and lawns of all time, what
swath, what common cloud
of blue.

For peace with small gardens,
whose seemingly modern ideas
though sadly many have disappeared,
witness this widespread use of light,
lapsed (meaning silent).