tendered by a coin       to bend
this wind in exchange for paper
                                   (change) variation       sometimes the moon to-
morrow night       to accept bills
devices seen in the vicinity
of devices       a number of struck bells
                                                       from alchemy a word       sphere

an equal amount of currency       (seasons pass)
novelty of seasons       small by means of small
dealings      the sturdiness of letters
     within this word       an emblem of victory
the inclination of two lines meeting
at an angle (see name)     for the thing meant
to become otherwise     by heat or pressure

churring trill that changes direction as it rises and falls

                sea mile       change of oars
haul of nets       some earlier time
of moon or half-month       without regard
to planets       the early centuries of our era
a sudden change of wind that flattens
the sails back against the mast
of persons
                  of animals

birds migrating across the seas
were forgotten       swallows sleeping
through winter in the slow beds
of rivers       & that the moon
is simply sunlight on feathers