T A James


Heart of nothing Heart of nothing lock. Fasten on contour of chaos. Chaos lock and fasten. Tight. Gripped. Fix. Fix chaos within heart of nothing. Nothing is chaos. Chaos is nothing. Nothing. Nothing is. Chaos is. There is chaos, nothing but chaos. Chaos penetrates this heart of nothing. Penetrating. Nothing is heart. Heart penetrating nothing encounters chaos. Scared doubt feeds. Devouring lies hungering on skin so sure from serious existence. Believe existence. Existence believed. Belief is nothing. Nothing. Fear. Fear nothing. Nothing feared. Believe not. Believe. Obstinate obscenity evade death grip, parasitically piercing intimacy. Intimacy pierces. Intimacy wanes with lies. Lies pierce. Intimacy lies. A haunting human face of prostitution possesses, sneakily thrusting forth the poison of another filthy lesson.

Heart of nothing fixes. Fixates on lessons of filth. Filth is nothing. Filth is everything. Everything is nothing. Nothing is heart. Heart of nothing is nothing, nothing but filth and obscenity. Everything is filth; rank, depraved, obscene. Obscenity snakes. Obscenity sears such possession coiling, recoiling and branding in its wake. It wakes the obsession. It shakes obsession thrusting furiously into being. Obsession bursts oozing tears. Bursts and boils in globulous bubbles. Bubbles burst and boil ulcerating. Velocity increases voraciously obscene. Obsession cleaves crawling maggots of insanity. Reality unreal just lies. Insanity or sanity? Just a thin plate of division. Profanity seeps fuelling futility in its flux. Reality wanes within the vice like grip of futility. Imprisoned. Imprisoned by lies. Futile lies. Where is the futile liar? Imprisoned within life's tomb. Trapped within God's scheme. Cold, ice, snow. Ice snow. Snow heart. Bound. Excessive, the snowbound heart lies.

Heart of nothing delights, luminous in monster cold eyes. Washed and bathed. Cleansed not. Sinking. Drowned in murkiness. Sucked into. Slow death. Death talons infiltrate sinking deep. Eddying within. Within eddies dark beauty grips' pooling into seas of darkness inking it into identity. Nothing hoped. Hope nothing. Hope but delusion borne of boned liar that chilled blood with its molten enticement. Liar. Liar lives. Liar breathes. Liar create heart of nothing. Create liar. Lie and wield. Wield but yield false enthusing life beyond this death of flesh. Hypnotic madness sights death of passion capturing another forsaken conquest. You spectre. You materialize, an incubus. Stealing day of night and night of day. Savour your invasion. Drink it: play with the spectre. Spectate your spectre. Conjecture your spectated spectre. Claw and infiltrate. Captivate and capitulate and ruminate. Lie liar. Liar and lied to responsible. Responsibility. Lies responsibility. Responsibility lies. Tamper taper and alter. Tapering thought, thoughts taper. Lie in lie on. Run liar.

Heart of nothing too sacrosanct gripped. Clasped within chaos of the death abyss. Abyss of nothing sacrosanct, chaos grips a vengeful lover. Chasms carve radically another day of the dead. Dead day. Dead night. Death chasms. Grip chasms cleaved into conscience. Conscience embodies. Mind matters. Back within mind, back within matter. Conscience. Embody conscience. Embody the soul to carve immoral lies of the hesitant. Crawl and infest chasms of maggots, steal and creep through the tunnel of the locked tomb seeking cracks to escape. Remember. Truth. Truth remembers. Remember truth. Body embodies within matter of mind. Or mind of matter entombed in vicelike grips of denial. Denial. Liar. Liar deny, delight in your vice. Snowbound heart crumbles into powder crushed and discarded in the cleft of the chasm. Crumbles crushed congeal. Chasm congeals. Snowbound heart recalls every day. Intimate. Intimidated. Imitate. Intimated intimate imitates. Intimate away. Imitate away. Crushed. Memory intimidated. Mind indicates. Indicates indicted. Chisel slow. Cleft away. Every day chisel futile living lost within wraiths of memory circled by graveyards of intimates imitating living, living tombs of lives.

Heart of nothing read the epitaph. Read or read. Left unsaid. Or yet to be carved? Maybe just another etching chiselled on the cold, hard stones of life. Cold penetrates. It leaves its icy chill. Bones bared gnawed to nothing. Nothing. Nothing left. Gnawed to bone. Bone crumbles. Scattered into nothing. Dust within crawling maggots of snowbound heart. Nothing said. Dripped with icy intent. Intently icy. Intently dripped. Ooze with intent slowly encroaching with dripped indifferent intent. Different intention. Intentionally indifferent. Indifference and detachment within your snowbound heart. Embodied and detached with indifference: or indifferent with detachment. Left. Detached. Indifferent. Detached and left. Left detached. Remains indifferent. Left but said. Said but left. Or left unsaid? Left unsaid to read more. Read liar. Create liar. Carve continuous lies. Mold chasms of illusion. Embody your chasms of lies. Embodied. More to be read or just left unsaid. Written and embellished and read more. Thought claws and snakes like poison through the mind dripping, its fangs still felt. Master of snowbound heart, master your tomb – indifferent liar.

Heart of nothing feels. Heart of nothing numbs. Nothing felt. Felt nothing. Nothing nurses embodiment within all read. Read and sees red seeping and dripping through veins like icy tentacles. Torturing, taunting with what ifs. What is it with ifs? Embellished or real. The real deal embellished. Or was it all creatively fabricated within the mind. Creatively fabricated. Fabricated creatively. Fabricated mind. Fabric weaved stealing molten tears whilst icy tentacles enfold and wrap. Creeping crawling dripping icing over heart of snow.

Snowbound heart. Cold is penetrating. Is piercing. Coldness pushes, pierces: thin needles penetrating. Slivers slither serrated edges. Penetrating and needling inject severity dripping steadily into mind poisoned. Mind possessed with poison. Glistening in black pools of luminous death. Creative mind needles. Mind creatively fabricating? Real creative. Constructed, misconstrued into something that wasn't. Fabric created. Fabrication. Lies. Was it? Did it? Signs were read. Things were said. Events happened. Happenings. They did. It did. Didn't it! Stored in tombs spectres show.

Heart of nothing, snowbound heart releases poisoned icy claws. Tombs encase, enshroud the nothing of it all. All of it. Of it all. All encased. Tomb mind unlock your vault. Unleash your grip on memories salted. Memories haunt. Memory wraiths, taunting with all remembered. Taunting memories. Haunting memories. Wraiths of mind. Heart a wraith. Wraith infests. Incubus visits submitting. Taunts. Haunts. Potent importance infests its predatory scheme. Real. Not tainted. Not twisted. It was real. It is real. Real it is but was twisted. Now gone. Gone again. Numb. Dead. Nothing.

Heart of nothing. Nothing is heart. Nothing is real. Wraiths rear. Memories become wraiths trapped in the forsaken tomb. Life deceased, decayed, desisted, resisted. Fleeing from the trap of life. The snare encases life, creating coffins of lies. Coffins racked within the tombs of life. Life a tomb trapped within lies. The lies a trap of life. Life is a trap. Life a tomb – is. Heart of nothing held. Gripped by ruling hell of snowbound heart. Enslaved in heart of nothing. Tomb of dead living doomed, enslaved performing nothing. Wrapped and warped, death grips from the first breathe. Breath in. Breathe the right places. Simply instinct from the beginning. Beginning simply, instinct simply or instinct is simple. Nothing misconstrued just constructed. Founded on construction and embittered lies. Non-fictional. Non-fictional reality. Reality created. Created really. Reality is creative. Creatively real: really creative. Reality is illusion, a fabrication. It is made, therefore it is.

Heart of nothing is. Is created. It is created. Fabricated. It is made up. It is all lies. Lies are untruths. Reality is not fictional. Reality is a liar. We are all liars. Reality is never non-fictional. It is a creation of the chaos of our minds ordering chaos. Fixed on chaos. Fixated on ordering chaos. Should non-fiction in itself be just plain, bare bones or does embellishment tantalise, salivating and titillating, tempting in the tattered tombs and distant shores. Shores just distant. Harbouring distance, distant and harbouring. Harbouring tombs of ruins. Ruinous tombs. Tombs in ruin. Shores of tombs, distant ruined, crumbled tombs. Tombs of — of what is known and not. Of what is.

Heart of nothing snowbound wants. Wanted. Wanted nothing. Nothing snowed. No heart of nothing. Not wanted to be known. Known forever snowbound wants. Forever striving, contriving and conniving tombs of snowbound hearts. Hearts snowbound in tombs. Tombs full of creativity whilst we wait in our life. Life is death. Death is life. Death is. Life is. Life is snowbound. Life is nothing but death. Life is a carcass, bones on which to pick and gnaw hungrily. The only sure thing is death. Day one it clutches. Claws and impales its vicelike grip. Grips like vice. Vice, rank, defile, devour and slaver drooling on each tasty morsel of what ifs. We embellish creatively. We etch our marks, brand and carve to ensure life is more than death.

Heart of nothing snow is carved carving, resisting death; time and time again. Resist. Desist. Lies. Lies to self and others. All liars. Living in the tomb of time, the tomb of the death living. Passing time. It ticks, tocks and doesn't stop. No way to stop the passage. Time is passage. Passage to the heart of nothing. Is nothing. Nothing is. Still is nothing. Still is. Is still. Still. There is this but is this there. Was it here or where was it? I'm sure I thought I knew but then I knew I thought but I thought I knew but it was not a new thought. Was it ever? Oh heart of nothing. Nothing is. Nothing is sure. But I'm sure it was because I knew and it was not just a thought it was so much more. Ought I think some more or perhaps not. Sure of mind, sure of thought, I ought to stick with it. Paste it as a permanent reminder of all I knew I thought of all I knew not new but always there. There it is. There it was. Or was it there? Was it? It was there I know. I know it was. It is and was and is. Is and was. Still.

Heart of nothing a human face of prostitution possesses, sneakily thrusting forth the poison of another filthy lesson. Heart of nothing fixes. Excessive, the snowbound heart lies. Heart of nothing delights luminous in monster cold eyes. Run liar. Heart of nothing too sacrosanct gripped. Every day chisel futile living lost within wraiths of memory circled by graveyards of intimates imitating living, living tombs of lives. Heart of nothing read the epitaph. Master of snowbound heart: master your tomb. Indifferent liar, heart of nothing feels. Stored in tombs spectres show. Heart of nothing, snowbound heart releases poisoned icy claws. Life a tomb is. Heart of nothing held. It is made therefore it is.

Heart of nothing is. Of what is. Heart of nothing snowbound wants. We etch our marks brand and carve to ensure life is more than death. Heart of nothing snow is carved. Was it ever? Oh heart of nothing. Still. Heart lesson. Heart lies. Heart liar. Heart lives. Heart liar. Heart show. Heart is. Heart is. Heart is. Heart death. Heart ever. Oh still. Of contour and fix nothing is chaos. Nothing. This nothing. Nothing feeds skin. Existence belief. Fear not death intimacy. Lies a prostitution the lesson. Fixates filth. Everything is and rank obscenity recoiling, wake it into tears globulous. Boil obscene of lies. A profanity. It's the futility futile. Futile tomb. Cold snow, snowbound. Nothing cold, cleansed murkiness: death eddying beauty of identity. Hope boned with liar, you create wield life: flesh of conquest, a night savour.

Claw capitulate liar. Responsibility tamper thought. Lie of clasped death sacrosanct lover day. Day grip conscience. Within conscience, soul. Of infest and of cracks truth embodies, or in denial, in crumbles. Discarded the chasm every intimated imitate mind. Slow chisel wraiths graveyards living of read or maybe on of leaves bared nothing bound. Dust snowbound with intently intent indifferent. Indifferent your detached with detached remains. Said unsaid more. Carve of. Of be unsaid, read snakes. Mind felt. Master, heart of felt. Within sees through torturing, what embellished deal. All mind fabricated. Molten enfold, dripping snow penetrating. Pierces slither needling into with pools mind, real something. Fabrication it. Were they it; show heart tombs of it. Encased vault memories wraiths taunting of wraith taunts. Its tainted. Real. It now dead. Nothing real. Wraiths tomb resisted of life coffins of trapped.

A is tomb held of heart dead. Nothing grips breath. Places beginning or misconstrued construction non-fictional really. Real illusion made of it. Is all reality. Is all non-fiction of minds chaos. Should, just does. Titillating tombs just harbouring tombs of tombs. Is what, snowbound? Nothing. Nothing known. Forever conniving hearts full wait. Is: death. Is but carcass. Pick only day and grips. Defile on what we and is of carving time lies. All tomb of time. Doesn't stop passage of is. Is: is. There where I then but. But new oh is. I'm I. Not was I. Perhaps sure to it of thought. Not there was. Was, I. Was and still. There is a heart of nothing still. Still.