Tammy Ho


Past is a knife that helps
cut the butter or cheese easier.
Is it harmless?

Past is a bottle of red wine
that needs to be drunk
(and forgotten after sleep).

Past is a purple hat
that you don't
wear (even in the rain).
Is that ridiculous?

Past is when I think
of Chinese I remember this:
once a word is uttered, it can't be
dragged back by four horses.

Past is dancing and singing
Spanish songs in a nightclub for men
and women passionately
in craze.

Past is baby.

Past is the Frence Revolution
and Napoleon Bonaparte.

Past is the picture you took
of a wall covered with
blue fading paint and white words
(now on the computer screen).

Past is snowy white and now
sunny bright.

Past is come what may,
come what may, come what may,
and I will love you until my
dying day. Is that a song?