anthems torches cenotaphs

the unequivocal personified
defeat their own reality cultivating chimeras
emblems of tyranny

icons floating into complexity of the unattainable are the source of fusion
                 icons that slip away are full of music

icons duplicate unity
           alienate synthesis

propagate through mutagen beds
         bearing ethnic configurations
                 of lost primary juncture

            icons melt into characters
      their pageantry stalks horizons
                 scowling over earth's line
              melting its configuration
     disdaining the horizon's dominion
    gradations of dusk blood and gold
suffuse into new giants mixed from vaporous movement

icons duplicate antithesis
                       alienate unity

nightmares of the ever mutant strewn in boundless mesh
          of perpetual disquisition and flux of milieu
every strand connected and tracked into other strands

configurations heap one upon the other

polished surfaces become interwoven fibres
coursing into clusters
that burst into vistas which fall into invisible galaxies