Steven Taylor

Ronald Wilson Reagan
[still alive: 27.3.02]

his greatest asset
is that no one believed him
capable of anything else
by limousine
accompanied by his 2nd wife
he salutes a flowerpot
no one bats an eyelid

                                           the 50s
must have been
a crucible of sorts
commentating at ball games
endorsing products
speaking at business lunches
a decade of appliances
a frigidaire in an automobile
gramophones in cabinets
live advertising
Martians in the Arizona desert
bubblegum cards. sputnik
and the chance of a new career

the success of Oakland
in his last three years as Governor
as logical as the Nevada slots
Carter jogging to defeat
in Tehran, the Vegas money
already lodged on a second

            . . .
                 the most powerful man in the world
                 sitting behind a desk
                 partially deaf
                 his nose eaten by cancer
                 reading an autocue
            . . .

he leaves by helicopter
waving to a lamppost