Steve Spence

It is to be hoped that he got what he deserved

A scene of despair dissolved into
a macabre kind of comedy as captain
Simpson issued orders from the quarterdeck:
"let's all go surfing today".

The human mind is a wonderfully
obtuse & circuitous instrument, yet to
make their grand statement, the
buccaneers had to reach for the moon.

Having hitched up his trousers, the old
tar sent forth a wondrous jet of tobacco
juice. When he wasn't busy with piracy
he spent his time recording animal sounds.

They had more of an intellectual
relationship than a love affair, yet
the external menace of the pirates
continued to feed their mutual attraction.

Actions, above all, deserve to be placed
in the front rank. How it had broken loose
was anyone's guess but he claimed her
as his flagship & took a dozen men captive.

The torchlight burned on their faces & their
bare shoulders & their skins were golden in
the glow. There are always some people who
dance & some who sit by the wall watching.

She was denounced as a drunk, a
promiscuous omnivore, a communist & finally,
as a pirate. The whole range of verbal wit is thus
made to serve the purpose of the dream work.

The futility of his position came to him with
a rush as the pirate paused, then moved
away. Soon every man on watch could see
the fire-ships bearing down on them.

Sex was in the air & this at a time when
more pirates than ever were doomed to
celibacy. His skin was a mass of scars,
a hideous covering of injured flesh.