Stephen Emmerson

Power Pollution

Belief Galaxy

dark courtroom –

the Islam  of galaxy

given started out as traditional quantum stupidity

The open

primordial matter

sub-microscopic fluctuation footage

entrust time

desire video beauty good.

part would  name gravity an extremely shouting sun

suck black hard trees

And death wearing the enlightenment cosmos

Stretching a  make start galaxy

you're eyes generally non-uniformities with alone sailed sitting  and reckless

belief galaxy needed mechanics.

Habit he can't cosmos

theory "uncertainty"

early intently white

surely stolen In wind perhaps for echoed infinite

in work

shown thread still clusters today's face

where I sit, writing Lucozade

always around and blowing

Enormously universe defendant their gaze

fundamental means fresh

passion featuring clumping correct moon

Together an unknown opera

Ourselves a fact madman

Small space-time Our facing  it

sin march

flag pines

who money

all different fluctuating rocks my Christ

when nothing

when forest lies we see

your flattery process which even night hears weaves closed headscarf's dark where mind painting sandals hide through dead structures

fuck emerged "fanatical" we're speaking galaxies words

plenty windows

stucco life

into hands rang

the oneself while corners

earth up street & shade road pain

mirror dusk not broke there during roadside

no remember

find both long  & go

surpliced months

carrying utterly weapons

all friends long and mirrors