Sarah Ahmad


Fashionable acted like the state
Exposing in public
Affairs exist no one is safe from

Attention caught of the lucky ones
Story of her unintelligent crime
Never more it points towards the punished

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Contrast of one comment
Claiming the activists since the beginning
Details of the youth targeted

Killing with consideration
Picking up the constraints


Fifty are there

Blocking the people to urge
Fixing their jobs in the river



Breathless cameras pursue the price


Of course to rival

Moral needs the normal
Soon the resolution will reach the limits
The point focuses on the minor

Wasting away the matters that await
In some and not others to harness the wider scandal
Single class she used never moved

Chance that tends to uncertainty
Specific duty would be harsh

Yet nobody knows

Never met the good

Media theories and guesses



Precisely the facts of outrage
Recordings are secret nowhere to hang

Conversation level


Unearthing the villains

Accountable public to manage it
Other complications focused on taxing
Cause for the hidden to comprehend

Dealers have all earned what is required to clarify the rational

Charging the facts much attention

There is no lobby to support real power
Up in arrival of the hungry
Studying pages to reason

If the expensive in recent years have tried to climb on the ripped off
They compromised the humiliation but in vain.