Written or Spoken Preamble

In 1944 Emma Holt bequeathed Sudley House, Mossley Hill, Liverpool, and the art collection begun tentatively by her grandfather but substantially added to by her father George, to the city of Liverpool

Unitarian, Liberal, Philanthropic, the family moved to the house in 1884 from Edge Hill. To overlook the Mersey. Holt considerably extended the building. He died there in 1896

The family's wealth derived from shipping – the company was called Lamport & Holt – which pioneered trade with Brazil (not one image of this life contaminates the art collection

Which was famed for its domestic scale, its preference for un-sensational and uplifting scenes. But Holt possessed a number of guiding passions. Eighteenth century portraits. Contemporary and near contemporary art: landscapes and seascapes of eighteenth century or pre-industrial scenes. And more oddly: Pre-Raphaelitism