Ralph Hawkins

The Poems of Abakan Tatar


the light weaves water into ice from
the sea where 8 rivers run

a series of pontoons protons and plateaus (games and moods?)

the Kalmucks neural firing
contains preservatives and invention (intervention?)
apricot hills, mountain peach, arboreal rice

here at Earth's top you can see (me & you?)
the glistening world — lights and traffic in endless chains
of rice bead grains

there the settled and unsettled live in a state of
many positions (positrons)


Yakultic poets drew on unusual landscapes
visited by early explorers travelling
the Travnik highway

the first through virgin snow in search of booty (beauty?)

tracked by wolves
they left litters of having been poop

their male-coats studded
their shields shining waxen with arctic ice

those believing in the house knew its walls would
crack on such foundation


in another poem          a cosmic
          Lenin's death is viewed as an event which
disturbs the course of nature

Joe Meek dictates! Telstar

he heard voices

every house bugged

Ulrike working for the Stasi?

where the Tsar of the Sea's home is only an izba or hut

William dictating to Dot on craggy hillsides

a kind of hovel unlike the houses of rakes
ceilings painted like the sky

the Yakults have little experience
of this because they dwell in remote parts

their doors hangings of bear pelt

but 7 men could not open them
the bolts to their minds made of larch

Joe could read the future in Kutune Shirka

he lived over a handbag shop all his
life until he received supernatural promptings
to travel aboard

zigzagged as fence rain
and catch a golden otter


put cream and sugar in it
          this is Kara-Kirghiz tea

Russian tea is different

Russian pots do it in the stockyard with a trowel

turning east to pray

Lenin began his day like any other bogatyr with tea
(not White Russian)

however Lenin did not say morning prayers

Dawn's roseate fingers before him blood blistered

the Emperor is lying in honey-mead (sweet-tongued by Rosie Dawn)
and spiced pear fixed to the end of the moon (a moan?)

he's laced a pot with linen(?) seed

her breath the evening's fragrance sends
scent to heaven there