the betrayal of human confidences
arising out of fear
of any action we do not know the end of
is a sore but sure point in our defence
innocence is ignorance in a court of law
and what we do not know can cause
a knowing crime — we should assert
our right that we should not be trusted
we do not want to feel the weight
of the world on our bare hand
the man next door and our closest friends
will carry it between them up the long
passion to death — this is the only answer
to crying out of our blood at the load

but we assert no right and listen in
to confessions broadcast on a private set
and then relay them out the other ear
long before trouble has had time to get
lodged in the memory and to canker there
ourselves retain the glory and pass on the sin

jesus it will be seen has his human moments
leaning in this way on judas and the cross
and judas tries to return the thirty pieces of silver
and hangs himself thinking death will cut down the cost