aa - 3

all and more no river percolating a relentless race of centuries
in the moor flowers and more precise river more ground
as through the soil and down anonymous infinity reduced with moss
meeting spongy fusing and never separating the hillside

and vectors parting where does it start? sodden terrains and
in the urgency of the earth's whore evaporated in them
digitalised series of punctures
over the grass and a swelling ocean it only adds at all points

even where it trickle its way through the flash into flood location
dissolving over the ground one can only point so spatially
other likenesses smooth as time when it finally melts
as it breaks at all points

add subtracting less at the river's sinking slowness
the river is none other than a recognisable course
to begin with. the inception only adds in an exact definable moment
or killed put on the smooth plottable increase with lime or chalk

has no running of water and is in all a quantum of sediment
although the fluid disappears as it transects the mathematical surface
until rain embrace so and a plane and through the space
merging it maps in is lost simultaneously