i wear yr concrete
like a second skin   england

outstaring shadows
pouring chips down throats
like lyrics to love songs
that yu & god alone can hear

now shuffling feet   a sad little dance to the camera
now playing yr tits out thru the cold
the grey closing

        i'm the 1 yr staring at
        pvc & plastic via yr glass eye
        yu need to buy into ma gloss
        the s ov seduction in ma neck
        yu wouldnt know if i was in drag
&                   &                  &

                  some nights
                                  i wanna cry
      when yu switch off
      but yr red eyes no gonna
                  yr never
             catch   that
                                    the neural
the pathways
the passage ov
the have-a-go
the jack the lad
the hero chic                    zoom pan tilt
between the sheets                    in    out    in
the sleek moves
ov zoom pan tilt
ov      in      out      in

      outstaring yr skinned desire rags ov tinsel
           yr guitar suicide in e flat
           yr tequila & lime
              spit skirts
           yr hard rubber
           yr soft as shite
snogging when yu think no-ones watching
      slow wet tongue in
      when yu know we are

                        apply for yr security
            pervert now
                        apply for yr security pervert now
                        apply yr pervert now
                        apply please apply
                        for now yr pervert
                        please now please
                        now pervert security   security    security

slow-fi red ov night
      on the up thru lo-fi lens
           sew darknesses unreal
        yr coiled wire innard
 yr blue brown yellow stripes green
yr seein red as neon ups a gear
           daynight shiftin to psycho
                       analysis ov

      the orbit
      ov our drift & spin
      miniature worlds
      the concrete