foxes gloving it, their early
bells off – flay fly and flee
home before sun-sups
and leaves ov yggdrasil
pushing on up and thru
the drain main while

overhead, overheard
over wires, beneath bridges
dynamo-driven, light-riven
alive-arriving, electricitys
chatter-clatter stealing
a.m. eyes
to power up laboratories
ov spin and local par-liar-ments
breweries ov light, libraries ov neon
whole forests ov tanning tubes
reefs ov ice-cream generators
worker-toast, teas ringtones

will today bring winning numbers
or smoking outside the crem?

the sucked aching-teat overflow
and overflowering windows
new-stacked with

in this elec-tricked light
caedmon wanting to be
the words, the very words
so that breathed in, she
clothes kith and kin (in)
jeweleye, irepoint, ranter