Reading you I am always
reading the others
noticing Arcadia
you won't like rhyming

Dutiful to a fault to
heard not to utter
limit of opacity
this is not the world

Using language towards me
living examples
me without answers
physical erudition

As felt on your pulses or
memory muscle
memory do both
sounding and tracking your field

Descriptive nature
in certain patterns
uncertainty reflected
plurisignation the

Logic will make it
small if a measure
to meet at infinity
along those lines and further

Interpretation units
are parallel probable
fugitive colours
laid on a question

The limit of contraction
constructed understanding
wrong as I could be
you a second mind

Embodiment says
then try to write Paradise
a personal essay on
radio listen

At momentary gods
and another conundrum
people like to hear

Traces the number
past everything beneath it
comes about nothing
less easily discovered

First person plural
got together with nonsense
computed fleshy
loving and dying machines