Wendy Mszyca


A pair of pale cuffs uniform
cross a rope on fire
Between one friend and another
Fallen, washaway unwave
unusable in Isis
adopt myth-divining suit, Deep-diver,
Lost Man folded-over, knotted and shaped
Soldered by long fingers, Worm-Eyed
watches the furls and hoops and the healing pressure
Generate/Undo tight-locks
and lockboxes, aside-slide elude
Euclid, a stellar filter
Zero-mask, concentric vessel only illegible
Admitted into the knot

Unwave phurls unaware
Undo ribcage, birdbox loose
Loose ribbon undo red-ribs
Move so slow single-hair-style


A floating barge, black loops of steelbone
chipped, painted, impaled by numerous
rivets in soda.

Bone-quality: poor and wasting
Bellows: ribbed, drawn-out
Soft fat: stops creaking
loses the t-junction
overlapped by red ribbons.
Lockribs welter, bind and crease
The silk-frayed placeholder
unwaves a ribcage sentence:

—to make panoramics— :

Trickle blood on a quarter-hoop rib,
a Pleasurehome connecting the chest cavity:
space in a longbow covered by thumbs
a leaf-plane-shutter
An Infrasecond nip and tuck action
a tenth for the spit-rock, the heart, rain-spell-maker
to alight the ship's corpus, Merryweather

Between is sand. A sorerib thoroughfare:
the family god (if-god) scatters
bedheads clutch-caul-make-a-veil, wrapture.
Map-inclined SlumpCorpus.
Mace and helmet. BoundMan and knot.

The hand makes motion soluble
twisted oak-leaf chroma responds dark-green
lubricates swamp-ribs raised by pulleys and levers
to the balcony, temporal, sketched-in,
powdered on palms, etched into a lifeline.

The workers stop short and examine
The left ribs are there so are the right
the breastbone gleams in aspic spied by rooks
SpySee they say and circle four by four
'circumference circumference'

Two men at the top, on a bridge
weigh the whip, harsh and fine, knotted with bolts and splinters
Stop the scream of kestrels mating
Cap the falcon in shiny leather
(it scratches a false plume with a wrinkled leg)

The eyelid unfolds and wipes over a transitional scene:

Flutter, fall and swoop
on a meal of meat
bird-leg braced and numbered
Mine All Mine
All-cooked, spit-roasted, oiled,
two men on a bridge
A sliding shaft of gun-metal and hunting dog
white and crippled in sunlight.
SpySee they say and circle four by four
on an instant picture
Smell chemicals
swallow the still-warm image,
a soft-focus magnet for dust

An accidental, a flat vignette
fell off at the edges

kites came to earth,
rose up on red ribbons

And pinnacles, ghosted, were traced on stone.