New sex, new breed librarian
sipping Pimms in the old museum.
Walking up in a blackwhite suit,
fleshpurple tie slit with a perspex pin.
Red quilted purse with an open zip.
She sips, her tongue a concertina'd straw.
Alien wraparound shades,
extraterrestrial, filled-in ovoid eyes. Lipstick dyes the filter on her cigarette.

She's reeling through St.Vitus' dance,
past the dead apes in their glass cages.
Her body splits, divides, four arms
engaged in butterfly motions —
Each hand holds a universe: bead,
letter, football, watch.
The fifth thing she holds I cannot see.
Turns to face me, white skull wreathed in fire.

She turns again and lifts me by my head
Two hands hold a long metal tube.
I feel it pierce the skin, crush the bone.
Body death ensues.
She lips the tube, plants a kiss, a jewelled eye
somewhere in the brain.

She lights her chainsmoke with her two hands.
Sips her knird. Everything's the same.
Flagstones shine; jewels.