Michael Egan

In order

to understand the reason
a release needs to happen.
As easily as breathing.
The tree stands below light,
allowing only particles
to filter through, becoming
a barrier. Men tremble
against it and imagine
all kinds of gods
who come at night
as visions full of words
and messages. Lying
still beside them
is their restful wife,
breathing untroubled, softly.

Translation is the problem.
these messengers ask
men to process obedience.
Our one desire is to listen,
to wake and pull curtains wide,
revealing a scene of
high tower blocks guarding
withered branches, letting others
know there is structure despite
her closed lips, in her sleep,
never parting or promising to
become barren.
This is not light filtering
through fog onto wet tarmac.
Disbelief is caught amongst
leaves as water or some
other unknowable atom will.