Mark Dickinson

from Shadows of the Sea


'The promontory overlooking the sea has since Prehistory been a privileged place'–

Paul Virilio – Speed & Politics


bursting limbs escape him
under, beside and even universal
when the occasion arose
"thinking of a place like this"
the coble rose high on the sea.

intelligible space on a root without

if the kedge fails between the
Tees and Humber, I'll swim the last
imitating strokes.


Whatever attachments you possess,
the file extension reports an error.

The codification of lemonade bubbles with refrain,
An earth in progress;  class struggles terrain

receding forest darkness, a common cap
or a further finalised extension↔on what's mine is yours

and yours-yours,  said or sung: materialise
the silos wit missing fast accumulator.