Laura Goldstein


carefully considering what right after drinking coded rust
I was observing:

A snake gnawing on trust and a woman
and I but when do I decode it

I'm not complete.

and when I step through or shouldn't begin

drinking change in the exact middle of the action
beginning the definitions to bring about,       pulled
bring only nothing because it isn't violent

quarter of six until six in a certain point by point mirror.

back in some old world
begin dynamics.


plant and rain.

It seems that I'm not waiting only understand
we are delayed.            I'm really in a theory


A drastic stream that will pass in our conversations, a used
drained reflection when you are trained for certain

Keep getting later despite trying.  With the universe
and later and anything in my life is God and
later.  I hear getting better the devil fighting
and blowing his fucking
whistle.  I wonder just doing so really at seven.

I do wake myself slip into
all the electricity that I don't destroy
is out and I can want to be but
hear radios drowned.              I'll know naturally right?
announcing something that I actually do as
I can't understand.

These starts

some set of cycles or sometimes
tracks- at least equations that I try to be right.






so it is a code and almost to the letter
I put together at the horizon
Almost eight times I try to be right

Is it possible because of a branch reaching
to describe the blurred tree you of course at nine
coming down from each connotation said it wasn't
the mountain now could destroy what I said
the way to me each new time
how could this turn into although I not be our own
and hold you back from whatever secret static
bursting through ten

our definitions
decoding or become contexts that will never
or completely different that once realized are happening
and end.  No one's waiting for me in two places well
it goes uphill for me because I do too although even
a straight way to be both we could new call it no again.

a         rose                   above                   l           ake

                                                                  l           ate         her         the snake
           choking on fur

                                     you                                                                            waves of see


                                                                              s            in          th          ere
                                                                              s           cat                              her

Now it is past ten thirty and I know its working!
You can choose your behavior faster
to move is much the same along the track
or not by choice the same day signals ahead
but by a piece by piece reflection we
seem to crave rain as we do have recognize
seem to not to live all overlapped reading
and the city I've heard here seems reels of
getting farther in the same river ranting "its working"
and farther away up the time twice no number
which one?

I believe in it
around me as and now maybe that seems to be
it moves around you will most important
so damn slowly only when figure it out to revoke.

At eleven the sun came out but then returned to hell
a little one and to the project or that was the last one that went so well
a whole new crop and the day substitutes for two
passengers knowing this would be each other under a slew
got on the train make less sense and letting it infest
for a second than usual in the space between cars and rats' nests
before I wrote what was delusional but not a trick
what I wanted to at least not cheap and that's how I got sick
before I usually save myself from ideas gone up in smoke
write what not at all if you are always not knowing exactly what broke
I doubt the fuck it meant but they were right to settle for
code meaning grammar for themselves anymore
that place is a flicker that why not now we're really moving through
no one will understand me and I will always try to
and how it is along from that the windows aren't moving on the side
for me to expect anyone to fuck the whole project even at high tide

at least


                                          the flower in

rain on monday.

a brick

                           (plant this)

caught                 it could be

                                          just                                                          wonder

the flower is peeling

caught in light and wonder.  monday rain.  leaks from a vicarious ledge,

plant the peels in the lake
1 start
more real
than caught
or plant a lake.  wonder how.

a path

            a heart in
                         a lake                nearby
                                                   a train

                                                                              a breath divided


a flower                          that peels                        seeds scattered in an aisle. tremble

you, still, resemble strength.
you walk up and down the length of the train and look for the 1 clock.

Although still obviously isn't what but he was and have it portended a whisper
been to be- flower to listen                 I don't            for  a week of on the train
            know the meaning.  Mondays I heard myself of the word

Next to last at one everyone going out the length
back and forth an entire risk, doubt
quiet milk, sleeping that repeats was decoded inside
and also as the half sun without knowing a lie listen

not disturbing it until midnight