Lucy Harvest Clarke

with map

_with map stick sliding on map
here it is
_electric rave in woods
how you circum so
circum nomad
_a car crash to be flung
go elope
guilty template
_bullet hole domes
to regenerate
_cold glass alignment
_the stretching contorts
to tether
_all will and above
_remembrance though
and it flowers
it hands
_under trees under
sinking ghosts
_a falling wheel
these diseases without
_back on bed
_do not cavort cloud shaped
suffrage unwanted
_ancient at point of discovery
_low land moths
bandit call the distance
_eye one on star
and linger frangipani
_and in awaiting cubed
this encantada
_shadows cautioning
and per person
_rewire for the
approaching bandileros
the stop