#5    Mandarin Mousse
        "The wet hours, segmented. Too moist to put away, waiting to come to fruition"

375g mandarins
2 eggs, separated
6 sp sugar
2¼ teaspoons powder gelatine
1 cup double cream, very cold
2 tbsp Cointreau or any other orange liquor
zest of 2 mandarins
¼ cup toasted almond flakes

Inside-out stainless steel, convex not complex, demure before your lips that mouthed sentences of good actions unbeknownst to me. Not the actions but the good in you, whisked the white parts in me: eyes, teeth, lies, sugar crystals the formed from tears. You put me over boiling water, without touching, and what was left of me then, remains in cold white spikes hanging dangerously above. (Wiped your slate clean)

Today's sun is a yolk to last night's steel moon. The mild days dissolving the last crystals left frosting my lashes. Every organ beating to the coming of spring. If I am elastic the I will melt under the true sun & not a paler moon. (Wipe my slate clean)

You are not the sun nor the moon, just a quake that brings weak lies down. From the grove to the shore cracking past the pillar stone. The wet hours fall in, almond flakes and citric zest waltzing their Way Down.