#5     Red Snapper with Greens
        "For the unfaithful man served with resignation, a pinch of indifference and humour to season"

1 red snapper about 3½ lb
8 green tomatoes
8 green onions
6 green Serrano chilli peppers
1 bunch fresh coriander
1 bunch fresh parsley
4 tbsp butter
2 tbsp olive oil
1 cup white tequila
2 tbsp white pepper
salt to taste

Red snapper perfidious liar keeping humid the humiliation of your deceiving sliced open your last chance fandango on a baking tray what else to be set the butter spread evenly over your fins your trickery this white pepper enough salt to taste not of tears but sweat preheated a turn to three-sixty knob-head

The tomatoes green blindly followed pull the outer leaves let them see let them see wash that resin off your fingertips slice the onions lengthwise from head to toe and in-between chlorophyll filaments is still there the green pigment making me hesitate

Chop the chillies starting by the tip move along the pepper slicing it fine those seeds are now worthless soak and chop the fresh herbs almost confusing themselves with each other with the grass freshly mown

Top the snapper perfidious liar with the prepared greens and to your memory and my sake the tequila bathes the fish the olive oil then rests on top and cover with aluminium foil don’t let it escape the heat from within cooked inside out the greens do not wither just soften and release. Serve very hot with bread