James Price

The Heroine's Livery

Encampment of the
Bedouin hillock.
Smells of charcoal brazier,
wafts aroma of a
different ingestion.

Camel humps that dotted
sand dunes and date palms.
Gives sway to the noxious
smoky machines so clotted;
and build the earthen
huts to brick, and
brackish trellis
patterned traitorous.

Through the snaking
serpentlike, chafing.
Commuters, crowd the
warm carriages.
Green blurs the trees
and concreted whirrs,
past windows that
preen reflections
of dulled workers sullen.

Amidst the stonefaced
silence, chisels the
Auburn sightless worker,
but sentinel stands.
And stanchion statued;
And serried furred vitrine dog.
The nervous rustling, stutters on.