Poems from Eggbox B1

By gluing words to the various planes of a large egg box I have constructed a matrix that can be read in many possible ways. The following poems are derived by reading straight across the non-occluded words in four different directions. All words sourced from Wallace Stevens’ Sea Surface Full of Clouds and S.T. Coleridge’s This Lime-Tree Bower my Prison.


slopping the shrouding unfolding fluent ocean unfolding diffusing smiting iris of silver
umbrellas flotillas for rainy evolved marine beard is indolence voluble or porcelain
machine loosed piano hyacinth in clouds upon musky deck balm chocolate sinister
submerged massives blue beyond black beyond blooms evolved a polished salt light
heaven gongs rolling tense flatness holds then is drift petal patterned wind
sea blooms moving watery windy water blooms within the tranced clouds beheld


burn blooms slant gongs in massives pale loosed stone flotillas prison the
to watery kindle tense fanned beyond drip hyacinth ivy rainy and unfolding
flings water shadow holds nor beyond makes clouds bean marine wide ocean
rock within blue is nor evolved with musty but is Ah! diffusing
rock tranced comes petal waste polished silent balm yea voluble dilated iris
lime beheld green wind dappling light bark sinister live porcelain struck silver


lime leaves rock dissonant rock speckled flings bridge to ash burn yellow
green dusky comes clear blue bower shadow of kindle thou slant beams
dappling usurps waste deserts nor nor nor orb fanned fall in water
bark flower silent swimming with bee makes wheels drip to pale pent
live tinged yea elms bat branches bean rook ivy clay stone creeking
struck hues dilated dripping Ah! walnut wide fields and little prison awake


of hues or tinged chocolate flower salt usurps patterned dusky clouds leaves
smiting dripping indolence elms deck swimming a deserts drift clear the dissonant
unfolding walnut beard branches upon bee blooms nor then bower blooms speckled
fluent fields evolved rook in wheels black orb flatness of windy bridge
shrouding little for clay piano to blue fall rolling thou moving ash
slopping awake umbrellas creeking machine pent submerged water heaven beams sea yellow